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give up if you wanna survive pick the sun back up you've got to get on the song, lowly.. what's the point? it's funny 'till you're left to kill yourself in this town.. so what's the matter with me?? Latin Simone, by gorillaz

Emo Song Lyrics - I Hate Myself (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "60 watts, brighter than my future, an empty forty, fuller than my life, there must be more, sometimes i don't think so, maybe i'm right. maybe there's no such thing as a brighter side"
    Less Than Nothing, by I Hate Myself
  • "We fought! We fought hard! You beat me! Ripped out my heart! And waiting! For death I bleed! And bleed! And bleed."
    This isn't the Tenka-ich-Budôkai, by I Hate Myself
  • "What better way, to put myself in my place? What better way, to get out of this goddamn place? Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck, stuck in this fucking place What better way, to put myself in my place? "
    Conversation With Dr. Seussicide, by I Hate Myself
  • "You lied right to my face! you broke my fucking heart! One day, one day you tore my heart apart! And i have nothing! And i am nothing! i’m piss! i’m shit! I am less than nothing."
    Song 2 (Less Than Nothing), by I Hate Myself
  • "if only god could take my own life! I don't think i, will have any use for it! And i would say everything's not ok! I don't think you will have any use for me!!"
    Song 1, by I Hate Myself
  • "Everything is lost! We're wasting so much time, when lives are on the line! All i want to do is cry! Why do you have to die?"
    Song 3, by I Hate Myself
  • "I'm getting off this ride... Everything's passing by.. I sit and watch with closed eyes.. There's nothing left inside..."
    Song 4, by I Hate Myself
  • " We fought. We fought hard. You beat me - ripped out my heart. And waiting for death I bleed and bleed and bleed."
    This Isn't The Tenka-ichi-Budôkai, by I Hate Myself
  • "I'm going nowhere, I'd rather go somewhere instead, I'm gonna blow a hole.. Through the back of my head..."
    ... And Keep Reaching For Those Stars, by I Hate Myself

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