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Emo lyricsThen i lost it all.dead and broken,my backs against the wall,cut me open,im just tryin to breathe just tryin to figure it out cuz i built these walls to watch them crumbling down,and i said then i lost it all who can save me nowEmo song lyrics
(Black Veil Brides - Lost it all)

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Emo Song Lyrics - I Hate Myself (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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I Hate Myself...

I Hate Myself - Less Than Nothing
60 watts, brighter than my future, an empty forty, fuller than my life, there must be more, sometimes i don't think so, maybe i'm right. maybe there's no such thing as a brighter side

I Hate Myself - This isn't the Tenka-ich-Budôkai
We fought! We fought hard! You beat me! Ripped out my heart! And waiting! For death I bleed! And bleed! And bleed.

I Hate Myself - Conversation With Dr. Seussicide
What better way, to put myself in my place? What better way, to get out of this goddamn place? Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck, stuck in this fucking place What better way, to put myself in my place?

I Hate Myself - Song 2 (Less Than Nothing)
You lied right to my face! you broke my fucking heart! One day, one day you tore my heart apart! And i have nothing! And i am nothing! i’m piss! i’m shit! I am less than nothing.

I Hate Myself - Song 1
if only god could take my own life! I don't think i, will have any use for it! And i would say everything's not ok! I don't think you will have any use for me!!

I Hate Myself - Song 3
Everything is lost! We're wasting so much time, when lives are on the line! All i want to do is cry! Why do you have to die?

I Hate Myself - Song 4
I'm getting off this ride... Everything's passing by.. I sit and watch with closed eyes.. There's nothing left inside...

I Hate Myself - This Isn't The Tenka-ichi-Budôkai
We fought. We fought hard. You beat me - ripped out my heart. And waiting for death I bleed and bleed and bleed.

I Hate Myself - ... And Keep Reaching For Those Stars
I'm going nowhere, I'd rather go somewhere instead, I'm gonna blow a hole.. Through the back of my head...

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