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I'm going nowhere, I'd rather go somewhere instead, I'm gonna blow a hole.. Through the back of my head... ... And Keep Reaching For Those Stars, by I Hate Myself

Emo Song Lyrics - Lil Happy Lil Sad (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Soon I'm dead I cannot wait Please don't love me it's a waste"
    Let me die, by Lil happy lil sad
  • "Please don’t love me, it’s a waste"
    Let Me Die, by Lil Happy Lil Sad
  • "I walk by, I feel them hate. Wanna die cos I relate. Wanna cry, I feel insane. I get high but I can’t escape. Would they love me if I change? Am I lost, am I too late?"
    Let Me Die, by Lil Happy Lil Sad
  • "Get me drunk, b*tch, get me high. Give me pills and let me vibe. When it’s time, just let me die. I’m so tired of this life"
    Let Me Die, by Lil Happy Lil Sad
  • "Nothing helps, I’m f*cking numb. I’ll be gone, b*tch, pass the blunt. I’ve been hurting for so long. Baby, kill me in your thoughts. I’ve been dying all along. Let me go where I belong."
    Let Me Die, by Lil Happy Lil Sad

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