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Blood will spill and rain upon the earth your region is over and ill wear you crown. Morte Et Dabo, by Asking Alexandria

Emo Song Lyrics - Never Shout Never (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Baby i love you the i think about, the more i wanna to let you know"
    Can't Stand It, by Never Shout Never
  • "Baby, I love you I never want to let you go The more I think about, The more I want to let you know... That everything you do, Is super fuckin' cute And I can't stand it"
    cant stand it, by Never Shout Never
  • "All we ever did was move around. I was always the new kid. Never the cool kid. But all i ever wanted to do, was to fall inlove. Just to be inlove."
    Losing it, by Never Shout Never
  • "And I have a question: What is love? What is love? Oh, oh oh oh-oh-oh Is it giving up? 'Cause that's not how you Raised me, yeah."
    What Is Love?, by Never Shout Never
  • "We've got it good Whether you like this town or not I know it's small but with a big head it's bound to get hot In the summer But the summer is a bummer If you can't leave This pathetic excuse for a town "
    BigCityDreams, by Never Shout Never

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