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cut my life into pieces this is my last resort idk the song title, by Linkin Park

Emo Song Lyrics - See You Next Tuesday (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "so my friend put aside your ignorance for just a moment and try to understand what you are doing put yourself in my place you might see how disgusting you have become my friends the vulture and when it happens to you she won't be there my frien"
    Honey, I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Aw, by See You Next Tuesday
  • "my past haunts me the memories I obtained are an open wounds cause you keep ripping off these scabs things could have been fixed "
    How To Survive A Vicious Cock Fight, by See You Next Tuesday
  • "And we'll keep the rhythm of this song with the motions of our hands on each others bodies and the way our lips will move saying sweet nothings. The straight black and white feeling has faded into a burning shade of gray."
    Christians Don't Get Jiggy With It Til After, by See You Next Tuesday

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