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Im sich of the words that fill my head. The words i hear them say about me. They rule my world I let them take over me and In turn I make myself bleed.. Dont Pretend, by HellCatchers

Emo Song Lyrics - Stone Sour (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I wish I had a reason, my flaws are open season. For this I gave up trying, one good turn deserves my dying."
    Bother, by Stone Sour
  • "The bloody angle The symmetry Your cheap adhesilism holding me My mouth is a gun I can shoot I can show you the truth And I don't need a reason to lie to you"
    Absolute Zero, by Stone Sour
  • "This one came from looking,This one opened twice, These two seem as smooth as silk, flush against my eyes, This one needed stitches, and This one came from rings. This one isn't even there, but I feel it more because you don't care"
    Made of Scars, by Stone Sour
  • "This one was my fathers and This one you can't see. This one had me scared to death, But I guess I should be glad I'm not dead"
    Made of Scars, by Stone Sour
  • "Wish I was too dead to cry"
    Bother, by Stone Sour
  • "Wish I was too dead to care, if indeed I cared at all"
    Bother, by Stone Sour
  • "You don't need to bother, I don't need to be, I'll keep slipping father. But once I hold on I won't let go"
    Bother, by Stone Sour
  • "Wish I died instead of lived, a zombie hides my face"
    Bother, by Stone Sour
  • "Forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head"
    Through Glass, by Stone Sour

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