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Sheila goes out with her mate stella, it gets poured all over her fella, cos shes says, man he aint no better than the next man kicking up fuss drunk, she stumbles down by a river screams calling london, none of us heard her coming, Sheila, by Jamie T

Emo Song Lyrics - The Plot In You (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I let my days slip away. We swore we’d never change and we’d stay the same. Time changes everything"
    Time Changes Everything, by The Plot In You
  • "Your heart may beat but you’re not alive"
    Happiness in Self Destruction, by The Plot In You
  • "It makes me sick to see you all strung out. Desperate, you take what you’ve been deprived. Happiness in self destruction."
    Happiness In Self Destruction, by The Plot In You

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