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Emo Pictures - eleventynine
Posts: 536
poem/lyric writing Aug 24 2009, 07:15 AM
not sure whether to put it here or the poetry section but meh... i can make up good drum beats and nice little tunes on the guitar BUT when it comes to words nothing comes out (i mean nothing at all) is it a special gift to write poems/lyrics? i see many amazing poems in the poem section of soemo and it just sadens me that i cant even write a single line. even when i was being assessed in school about writing poetry i failed (0%). are there any tips on how to start or get inspired?


Emo Pictures - Vybz
Posts: 1470
Aug 24 2009, 07:47 AM
well.. everyone has different ways of expressing themselves, maybe writing is not your thing But not to discourage you or anything, i realize that you are a musician ..some writers cannot express themselves musically ^^ Tips... umm for me writing is an expression of emotions mine or other people.. you can try writing as tough you are talking about something.. add in a few similes and see what comes out.. i do not really studying writing as such i just write what comes to mind.. but i will be doing my associate degree in literature and poetry writing is a course i must take.. so I'll fill you in on what i learn ^^.
Emo Pictures - eleventynine
Posts: 536
Aug 24 2009, 07:39 PM
tyvm! :)
Posts: 3
Aug 04 2023, 04:38 PM

I understand your frustration but do not be disheartened. Writing poems and lyrics is indeed a skill that can be developed. Consider seeking help from book writing services that specialize in poetry or songwriting. They can offer guidance, exercises, and prompts to inspire you. Practice, read, and immerse yourself in the art to find your unique voice. Keep writing, and you will see progress!

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