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Emo lyricsAs I belong to you, My flesh and blood in you, I am burning in ths fire, It's time to go, I can make it through.Emo song lyrics
(Lacuna Coil - End Of Time)

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Breaking Benjamin - Anthem Of The Angels
We can chase the dark together, if you go then so will i.

Asking Alexandria - The Propcey
You need a Dr baby ..you scared ??

Bright Eyes - Waste Of Paint
Your eyes are poor, your blind you see, no beauty could have come from me, im a waste, of breath, of space, of time.

Hollywood Undead - Lion
I'm sorry daughter but your father's not the same I can look into your eyes and I'll swear that I will change But tomorrow is tomorrow so forgive me if I stay You can hide beneath the covers while I hide behind the pain

Blood On The Dance Floor - beautiful surgery
the sex and the glitter, the punk and the glam, fuck you bitch its who i am

Posion - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Every roose has it's thorn, Just like every night has it's dawn, Just like every cowboy, sings a sad, sad song, Every rose has hit's thorn.

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words
I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone

Silverstein - My heroine
You won't try to save me You just want to hurt me And leave me desperate

Hollywood Undead - Believe
A heart beats heavy in an open chest And I wanna say goodbye, but there's nobody left.

NeverShoutNever - Trouble
I'm in trouble,I'm an addict,I'm addicted to this girl,she's got my heart tied in a knot and my stomach in a whirl,but even worse I can't stop calling her,she's all I want and more,I mean damn what's not to adore???

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