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Emo lyricsJust know that when you seem me cringe sometimes, I'm trying to rip the poison from my mindEmo song lyrics
(Spill Canvas - Evil Soul)

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Alternative clothing from Sohos

Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

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Eyes Set To Kill - Young Blood Spills Tonight
Sip my blood till there's no blood left to spill From my neck embraced by a concealed grip I welcomed in my arms Bruised by your love Burned by your kiss Is this true love? Bruised by your love Burned by your kiss

sugababes - about you now
There's a mountain between us, But there's conflict i'm sure of, how i feel about you.

MirrorView - Cut So Deep
I lay and cry at night just screamin

Finch - What It Is To Burn
Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her She's the only one who knows, what it is to burn

Motionless In White - city lights
I am lost without you here, and outside it looks like rain. Tonight I bleed myself dry. I bleed myself dry.

Bullet For My Valentine - hand of blood
i saw u run away is what ive done to much to take

Hey Monday - Candles
One day, You will wake up, With nothing but "you're sorrys", And someday, You will get back, Everything you gave to me.

Elena Siegman - Abracadavra
I don't feel like I am real

The Smiths - back to the old house
when you cycled by, here began all my dreams, the saddest thing ive ever seen, and you never knew how much i really liked you, because i never even told you, oh and i ment too. Are you still there? or have you moved away?

Marilyn Manson - Warship My Wreck
Our fingers locked together,This is total war. Method not objective... Cannot say, I'm breaking the rules If I can glue em back together

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