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Emo lyrics This place is a hole, and I don't want to go. I wish we could stay here forever alone. This time that we waste, but i still love your taste.Emo song lyrics
(Marianas Trench - Lover Dearest)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

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Billy Talent - Perfect World
In a perfect world her face would not exist In a perfect world a broken heart is fixed In a perfect world I'd see no therapist In a perfect world this wouldn't make me sick

Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl
You got a lot of nerve and Looks like the tables turning And now you're wishing me well like you miss me You got a dirty tongue and Looks like the damage done is forever And it's a long time to miss me

me - induction
its the only way at the end of the day

Falling In Reverse - Game Over
My life is like a video game, trying hard to beat the stage. All while I am still collecting coins.

xxxtentacion - slipknot
lot in the pessimistic state of perception often gave you complection as a handle of weapon give me a bite of your apple give me all you can offer

Tokio Hotel - Automatic
Each step you make each breath you take your heart, your soul, remote controlled This life is so sick You’re automatic to me

Suicide Silence - O.C.D
I can't sleep, too many voices trying to talk to me. I can't sleep, bloodshot eyes and I still feel fine.

Helloween - Shade In The Shadows
I hear ur silent cries. I'm the shade in the shadows. I know ur secret lies. I'm the shade in the shadows. And I cry for u in the shadows. As I always do in the shadows. In the shadows.

A Day To Remember - Have faith in me
“I said I'd never let you go and I never did"

Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof Love
This isn't fair, Don't you try to blame this on me, My love for you was bulletproof, But you're the one who shot me.

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