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Scene Kids - Scene Girls and Boys | Scene Music, Hair and Fashion

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As mentioned in the emo section, the term scene is subject to significant debate.

It's more difficult to define than emo, which it appears to have developed from so rather than a detailed article on the subject, opinions of our members are shown below. Take a look at wikihow.com for a detailed article about how to be a scene kid.

Feel free to comment about scene kids at the bottom of the page and participate in the emo scene forums.

Scene kids are on the surface basically just emo kids, but they certainly don't like being called emo! The main difference between emos and scene kids is that scene kids tend to care more about appearance than the actual emotions behind the culture of emo. It appears that scene kids are less depressed. They want to draw attention to themselves and their lifestyle and are often more outgoing and social. Their attitude can be described as a mix of the sullen teenage lethargy that comes with the emo-scene, and the anger and saucy-ness that comes with the hardcore-scene. Some people find them pretentious and don't like that they think they're superior to others.

Scene girls and scene guys almost always have wild scene hairstyles that are choppy and multi-coloured. Tattoos are piercings seem to be very popular with scene kids; more so than their emo counterparts.

When not on the Internet (especially social networks like Myspace, Facebook and this site), scene kids can be seen at shows/gigs including local underground ones. All scene kids research their music well; they hate being wrong.

Scene kids' music tastes are typically very flexible. They enjoy anything from soft acoustic songs to fast, brutal blastbeats/breakdowns to some pop/electro-pop. Popular bands/artists with scene kids include Blood on the Dance Floor, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Dot Dot Curve, VersaEmerge, Bring Me The Horizon, Brokencyde, Pierce The Veil; and more recently, "dubstep" has become popular amongst the scene crowd.

A lot of scene spelling consists of adding another letter to whatever letter in a specific word has the longest sound. Also they use abbreviations a lot. Another random fact is that scene girls (and less so scene guys) like roaring at people for no obvious reason...RAWR xD

At the end of the day as with any stereotypes everyone does it to find acceptance from peers that they might have not otherwise found and their is nothing wrong with that...

Possible Scene Girl Possible Scene Boy Possible Scene Girl Possible Scene Guy

"I see Scene kids as a more colorful version of an emo (: .. I think they are more bitchy too :) I'm probably wrong, but that's what I think" - EllieEpic

"I don't really understand other than that they look like neon-emos. Honestly I don't see that much difference to emo's, many of them listen to the same music as us" - eMoKiDfrmNorWay

"Scene kids = sugar coated emo's :D" - xXeMoRaCeRXx

"Yeh its hard to define, I always think scene is like more trashy style, if that makes sense?" - victhevamp

"They are almost the same but scene is more of the preppy ones" - nikkiwest

"It's not just clothes that distinguish people as Scene, in my opinion. The thing that really screams out at me is the bitchy, arrogant and stuck-up personality that seems to come with it. :/" - Tantra_B

"Scene is just a word that has caught on to describe someones clothing, musical taste and general attitude. Emo is a lot different being a music genre that evolved into a subculture. People classed as scene usually dress more colourful, are into more hardcore music and have a 'tougher' more outgoing attitude." - xXeMoRaCeRXx

"Basically what that says is that scene is just the style but Id have to disagree and say it is the opposite of emo... kind of... Emo is said to be in between goth and scene and scene kids are extremely conceited most of the time and they tend to think they are better than others sometimes. They are extremely outgoing and are just plain random... but they are nothing like Chavs they are actually more like us. If anyone every remembers me saying that there is only one other true emo that I hang out with it would be because all the rest are scene kids, I hang around them all the time and they are awesome.

I am actually in between scene and emo because my personality is VERY bi polar and one second I would have an emo personality and a scene personality the next but I'd say you could be both... I hope this helps some" - nikkiwest

"'Scene' is a stupid name for a fashion or whatever you want to call it. It is even harder to define than emo so I'm not going to debate over what it is." - xXeMoRaCeRXx

"Brokencyde, Dot Dot Curve, Breathe Carolina, Attack Attack, Bring me the Horizon.. They are considered very mainstream scene bands" - James

"Unlike "Emo Kids" Scene Kids normally wear the complimentary colours or they do go with a similar style to the Emo fashion. Scene kids are not "gay" as some people claim; it is a style, not a orientation! They usually have a quite technical hairstyles with two or more different colours. Sometimes, they are more morbid than "Emo Kids" but normally they are "brighter" happier individuals. Scene kids are sometimes self-absorbed, but that does not mean they all are. Scene kids are also known as, Fashion Kids." - xXeMoRaCeRXx

"Scene kids are known as arrogant and a lot more image conscious, emo without the emotional self pitying part and the black clothes. Scene Queens are famous on Myspace (Kiki Kannibal, babyfayce, Audrey Kitching, Kelly VonHart, eyc) and often have a special Myspace name that has the same letter as their first name, so its catchy and people will remember it, therefore creating Myspace fame" - xXeMoRaCeRXx

"I think anyone who dyes their hair and dresses specifically to look like something is very conscious of their own image. I have always looked at the scene stereotype as being quite different to the Emo one, as scene people are not usually associated with self harm and depression. Emo's self expression is seen normally through poetry and art, where as scene is through the fashion, which I suppose is why a lot of people see them as being somewhat more self obsessed or less deep than 'Emo' people. The Scene world, as its expression is more visual, will inevitably base itself more on looks than anything else, because its like to people comparing a poem, I think. That's why there's a lot more varying looks than in Emo, because that's all they base themselves on, its their main thing, but its not ours." - Blue-Eyes-Lion

"Hmmm well I always find scene people to have a worse attitude (not all of them) they seem to be very aware of how they look and how other people look and act in certain ways to look 'cool' alot of scene people seem to be into both alternative and trendy music aswell and generally (not all) more poser and annoying than emo people, well thats my view anyways, feel free to agree or disagree..." - victhevamp

"I think the difference is scene kids are more outgoing, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, determined and more toward the punk rebellious side. While emo I think is more towards the introvert keeping to themselves but like to show their uniqeness in their music and hair and clothing, like the scene, but more towards the gothic darker side and slight rebellion.

Scene is more in they don't let themselves get bullied as much and have a more happier side.

Emo is more they don't like to cause trouble and stay in they're clicks and stay more towards the edgier sadder side." - xlil_emo_mex

"My opinion is that scene is just a style (lots of colours, big teased scene hair, cup cakes, Hello Kitty, etc.) and emo is emotional people (those who have lots of hard shit in their life, those who arn't afraid to show emotion etc.)" - DiEiNgInSiDe

"In my personal opinion: a true counter-culture/sub-culture whatever u want to call it, are outcasts whose style revolves around a specific type of music; their own music. To me it seems that most scene kids either revolve their style around the same thing as emo kids do, or they revolve it around some random other type. But "scene" does not have its own music genre. For emos, there's emo. For punks, there's punk. For rednecks, there's country. For gangsters, there's rap. Etc, etc. But scene? It feeds off of other counter-cultures' music. If they developed their own true genre of music, maybe I could bring myself to respect them a little bit more. But "scene" is such a broad term when it comes to comparing counter-cultures with the music world. It could go in whatever musical category that particular wants to, depending on whatever that particular "scene" kid wants. So technically, scene is not a true counter-culture, if you go by my definition. Not saying u have to believe this, but this is only my personal opinion, which I very much like to express :)" - JojoCupcakeKillerrxD

"Scene is pretty much just a neon emo on the outside, but on the inside they are very different. I mean, like, psychologically speaking, not that their aliens or anything like that. O_o; 'Emo' usually have had a tough life and all that jazz. Scene pretty much cropped up when Emo got 'cool.' I always knew they were different, I just used to call 'em neon emo's, then I found out they were called Scene a few years ago. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

At my school there is just me as 'emo' and then there are only two other 'scene' kids besides my friend. Ah, and scenesters are pretty much DEFINED by the word 'party.' (Broke-n-Cyde, Blood on the Dancefloor anybody?)" - FlamingBlackSkull

"In other words, scene is a more colorful and trendy version of emo." - Breezy

"I think 'scenesters' are are a bit more gobbier, think there better than most people with the fact of not being afraid to say so. In my opinion they dress in a fashion with a mix of emo, chav and girly girl, which i think is a little f*cked up! lol :] The music I think they listen to is rock, chart music and a little bit of screamo." - XmisunderstoodX

"Feel that they've come from a chavvier background? There's a reason there's now only half the number of chavs in my year there used to be, and triple the number of scene kids. It's easy to sum-up scene:
Emo style with more colour and chav elements.
Chav personality.
Emo music without emotion. (Although they do often like the more mainstream screamo bands such as UnderOATH too)" - Fatalx

"I never knew Scene could be associated as a music genre... :/" - Tantra_B

"Yeah if Emo turns Scene then... god help us all :P" - Tantra_B

"Ugh I hate that new 12 year old scene kids out there now, they seem to like join together in massive groups and stand about doing nothing! lol" - victhevamp

"I know for a fact scene hair is taken from Japanese anime." - AcousticVaila

"In my opinion scene fashion or w/e is for people who crave attention and don't get enough so they act out" - ImNotEmo

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Last revision 24.08.2020

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Candyde Aug 01 2020, 10:04 PM
As a scenester, scenesters I know are just people into anime/kawaii aesthetic and music. They LOVE music. But their musical taste are pretty different from emo musical taste fo course. Those I know are pretty anti-posers, so I guess they're not representative of scenesters as a whole. Scene kids as a whole may be more fashion oriented than music oriented, but if you look in the "right" places, you find those with simikar interrestes to you. Anyways. Scenesters are more fashion-oriented than emos, but they love music. Some are happy, some aren't (isn't that true with emos as well though?)
scene kids Nov 10 2019, 05:41 PM
<a href="https://queenstostyle.com/scene-hairstyles-on-scene-kids/">
xxDyingPandaxx Jul 01 2019, 12:19 AM
I don't think it's right to call them more bitchy and shit lol. Scene kids are just emos but colorful and far more into fashion. I think they like animals a lot more, and globbing, and just rainbows in general... random as well. I don't think it has to do with being popular or anything, they are just upbeat, sparkly, unicorn emos. I think it's cute. I've been friends with a lot of scene kids and they usually like being pets!
Faggotron Feb 09 2019, 01:08 PM
In my personal experience. Scene kids are often sad as well, they just express it in a different way. Instead of cutting to relieve sadness, they abuse drugs. Instead of poems, they turn to fashion. Emo’s tend to show their emotions more, where a Scene Kid hides behind their often Bitchy attitude. But of course not every scene kid (or emo for that sake) fits the stereotypes.
johnny Mar 02 2011, 06:35 AM
Hot scene girls *drools*

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