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You better run like the devil 'cause they're never gonna leave you alone, you better hide up in an ally 'cause they're never gonna find you a home. House Of Wolves, by My Chemical Romance

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  • "This funeral wasn't meant for you I cry my tears, and they all for you I hear your call, from the nightmare of my fall The roses turn to wine, when the angels starts to cry "
    this funeral wasn't meant for you, by A Vain Attempt
  • "what is wrong with me? I wanted you to be, my everything everything what is wrong with me? I wanted you to see, that you were everything, everything to me"
    trust is a rarity, by A Vain Attempt
  • "Those razors hurt, I cant feel fine, my love, here tonight. Tonight... Bye bye to this, I cant feel fine, my love, here tonight. Tonight..."
    I Can't Escape, by A Vain Attempt
  • "Cut my throat and leave me here to bleed with nothing left from you, this will be the end of me and you She tried to be the one but know she's gone, blood running threw my veins"
    she was a princess who had it all untill the ....., by A Vain Attempt
  • "N' now you're dead, and I can't sleep and I will miss your face Time and time again I blame you, for not keeping me alive"
    this funeral wasn't meant for you, by A Vain Attempt
  • "I try to comprehend, why you aren't with me, to live this life But now when you are dead (you're dead) I finally see that, (tell me) we're meant to be"
    this funeral wasn't meant for you, by A Vain Attempt
  • "ill be there watching from way up high the showdow you cant see when the suns up in the sky.wondering eyes with no disguise its all the year why this love never dies"
    Gardian angel, by Abandon All Ships
  • "I'll be your guardian angel, Your sweet company, No matter where I go, I'll make sure you're all I see"
    Guardian Angel, by Abandon All Ships
  • "In a dream she came to me (she came to me).. Blinded by the light (light).. Put up a fight (put up a fight).. I couldn't see, couldn't see.."
    Geeving, by Abandon All Ships
  • "Mama mia, here I go again, my my how can I resist ya. Mama mia does it show again, my my just how much I missed ya."
    Mama Mia, by Abba
  • "what if i died tomorrow, would you miss me here? what if i cried tomorrow,would you shed your tears?"
    What if i died tomorrow, by About last Night
  • "It grows cold Autumns not the same without you The colors fade Beautiful to lifeless"
    Bleeding Heart, by Acceptance
  • "I'm feeling sad, I'm feeling blue, I think of the past times spent with you and now there's nothing left to say, so I just turn my head away."
    Torn Inside, by Acceptance
  • "All tied in one Honesty waits here forever I've been undone Glory and us come together"
    Glory/Us, by Acceptance
  • "Oohhh, when I'm around you I'm predictable Cause I believe in loving you with first sight I know it's crazy but I'm hoping to..To take a hold of you"
    So Contagious, by Acceptance
  • "Can you stand for love? As you turn your back against righteousness, I know I can't. I'm only human."
    Jigsaw, by Acid Black Cherry
  • "Its not too late, its never too late, even if i say it'll be alright, still i hear you say you want to end your life."
    Never Too Late, by Adam Gontier
  • "And I fnd it kind of funny I find it kind of sad. The dreams of which I'm dying are the best I've ever had. I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take. When people run in circles it's a very very mad world.."
    Mad World, by Adam Lambert
  • "Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now, But I really need you near me to keep my mind off he edge. If I wanted to leave I would have left by now. But you're the only one that knows me better than I know myself."
    Better Than I Know Myself, by Adam Lambert
  • "All around me are familure faces. Worn out faces... Bright and early for the daily races. Going nowhere... And the tears are filling up their glasses. No expresion.. In my head I want to drown my sorrow no tomorrow..."
    Mad World, by Adam Lambert
  • "Shows that we ain't gonna stand shit Shows that we are united Shows that we ain't gonna take it Shows that we ain't gonna stand shit Shows that we are united "
    Home town glory, by Adele
  • "how far can you fly with broken wings?"
    Amazing, by Aerosmith
  • "I know all I need to know by the way that I got kissed I was cryin' when I met you"
    Cryin', by Aerosmith
  • "Forever can I sleep inside your menagerie. We drown in pneumonia not rivers and streams"
    Crystal Castle, by Affection
  • "Catch a moth hold it in my hand crush it casually Without past I can’t disappoint my ancestry Forever can I sleep inside your menagerie We drown in pneumonia not rivers and streams"
    Crystal Castle, by Affection
  • "I am exploring Inside. I find it desolate. I do implore these confines as they penetrate,"recreate me". I am hovering throughtout time. iI crumble in these days. I crumble,I cannot find relflection these days."
    Bleed Black, by AFI
  • "I watch the Stars as they fall from the sky, I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying."
    Death Of Seasons, by AFI
  • "In the shadow of a star, in a static pallor, I realized I never Began."
    This Celluloid Dream, by AFI
  • "Or do you happily cut further in to sever whats left inside that binds me..."
    Rabbits are Roadkill on Rt 37, by AFI
  • "I'll let you tear it up if you don't wake me up. But if you tear it, we can't repair it. So please don't wake me till someone cares. Now no-one cares."
    The Missing Frame, by AFI

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