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Scream.....shout...we are the fallen angels, we are the in between can't down in our sons of starstruck the earth like lightning on this world we are torn we won't cure the pain of living out their law fallen angles, by Black Veil Brides

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  • "To reach you, shall we give a name to this feeling, shall we call it SNOW HALATION? I can't help my growing feelings, it's frustrating, but love is pure like that. In this fever, I can't be hesitating."
    SNOW HALATION, by u's
  • "Everybody needs to cry or needs to spit. Every sweet tooth needs just a little hit. Every beauty needs to go out with an idiot. How can you stand next to the truth and not see it? Oh, a change of heart comes slow."
    I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonigh, by U2
  • "You touch my heart in such a way that all I can do is cry your name Jesus Christ I love you My heart aches for your love"
    A Love So Pure, by Underoath
  • "My heart was bleeding from so much grieving On the outside I looked fine, you couldn't tell but on the inside was eternal hell"
    Act Of Depression, by Underoath
  • "Blast of a gun, breath runs out, final thoughts put to extinction "No more love, no more pain," for you have chosen suicide as the way out..."
    Act Of Depression, by Underoath
  • "I've got to be dreaming We've got to be dreaming Please don't wake me up This is the end."
    A Moment Suspended In Time, by Underoath
  • "When there seems no way to find calmness in the storm you come and take me in your arms and then the waves drown me no more"
    A Love So Pure, by Underoath
  • "That glass heart that rested in my chest has fallen and shattered"
    Cries Of The Past, by Underoath
  • "As my eyes open from their state of sleep, I feel my blood turn into a frozen river. Nightmares told me Death was in the air."
    Giving Up Hurts The Most, by Underoath
  • "I can hear the unsatisfying silence.. My mouth is open, but none of you can hear me."
    Everyone Looks So Good From Here, by Underoath
  • "Because in this place we're all as good as dead.. End cycle.. Behind the mask you'll find yourself alone."
    To Whom it May Concern, by Underoath
  • "Maybe we, why don't we Sit right here for half an hour We'll speak of what a waste I am And how we missed your beat again."
    Writing on the Walls, by Underoath
  • "You're almost gone and I'm okay I still see your shadow To give you time to be afraid But never your face again I remember your presence ."
    Writing on the Walls, by Underoath
  • "your lungs have failed and the both stop breathing my heart is dead it way past beating something has gone terribly wrong"
    a boy brushed red living in black and white, by Underoath
  • "In a picture perfect scenery I've become a stick figure illustration."
    casting such a thin shadow, by Underoath
  • "And in the end this is life You either win or you lose"
    Problem, by Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend
  • "The whispered secrets as I look at the clock The sincere story in my heart It’s okay if I am hurt The more I am pushed, the better Please call out my name"
    U & I, by unknow
  • "when i breath i breath in death and every time i see you cry it just makes me wanna die with every lie you dont even try you just sit there and watch me BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
    random, by unknown
  • "E is for emotional, ruins everybodys day.M is for miserable people, O is for olviously mad!"
    EMO, by Unknown
  • "hushabye baby your almost dead you dont have a pulse and your pillow is red. your family hates you your friends let you bleed sleep tight with a knife cuz its all you need."
    cutters lullabye, by unknown
  • "Tore my hope away,left nothing within...hollow and scarred forever. And their eyes never cease to look only the the laughter goes on inside my mind. Every dream they tear apart."
    This Dark Day, by Until Death Overtakes Me
  • "Why did I believe when you told me Just hold on, I'll be yours forever? You left me to die"
    Nothing Lasts Forever, by Upon This Dawning
  • "I'll never smile again, I'll never let love in, Dont ever say such things to me"
    D-Technolife, by UVERworld

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