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I was walking in the shadows So nobody cared You smiled at me from the distance And we felt there's more to share Silent Scream, by Cinema Bizarre

Emo Song Lyrics - Underoath (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "You touch my heart in such a way that all I can do is cry your name Jesus Christ I love you My heart aches for your love"
    A Love So Pure, by Underoath
  • "My heart was bleeding from so much grieving On the outside I looked fine, you couldn't tell but on the inside was eternal hell"
    Act Of Depression, by Underoath
  • "Blast of a gun, breath runs out, final thoughts put to extinction "No more love, no more pain," for you have chosen suicide as the way out..."
    Act Of Depression, by Underoath
  • "I've got to be dreaming We've got to be dreaming Please don't wake me up This is the end."
    A Moment Suspended In Time, by Underoath
  • "When there seems no way to find calmness in the storm you come and take me in your arms and then the waves drown me no more"
    A Love So Pure, by Underoath
  • "That glass heart that rested in my chest has fallen and shattered"
    Cries Of The Past, by Underoath
  • "As my eyes open from their state of sleep, I feel my blood turn into a frozen river. Nightmares told me Death was in the air."
    Giving Up Hurts The Most, by Underoath
  • "I can hear the unsatisfying silence.. My mouth is open, but none of you can hear me."
    Everyone Looks So Good From Here, by Underoath
  • "Because in this place we're all as good as dead.. End cycle.. Behind the mask you'll find yourself alone."
    To Whom it May Concern, by Underoath
  • "Maybe we, why don't we Sit right here for half an hour We'll speak of what a waste I am And how we missed your beat again."
    Writing on the Walls, by Underoath
  • "You're almost gone and I'm okay I still see your shadow To give you time to be afraid But never your face again I remember your presence ."
    Writing on the Walls, by Underoath
  • "your lungs have failed and the both stop breathing my heart is dead it way past beating something has gone terribly wrong"
    a boy brushed red living in black and white, by Underoath
  • "In a picture perfect scenery I've become a stick figure illustration."
    casting such a thin shadow, by Underoath

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