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A positive scab that's never healing Regret that I kept this clean The most that I can do for you is keep on lying It's not a lie if you can let it sing Let It Bleed, by The Used

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  • "All you do is emulate me We fell and rise to catastrafy I sing myself a lullaby Praying you'll say goodbye.... "
    Pure Confession, by J.Will
  • "Let me be! Let me alone! Water me: My memories are wilting"
    Yeah Yeah Yeah, by Jack Conte
  • "Watch me fault her You're living like a disaster She said kill me faster with strawberry gashes all over I lay quiet waiting for her voice to say Some things you lose and some things you just give away"
    Strawberry Gashes, by Jack off Jill
  • "He said that he would stay forever forever wasn't very long He said that he would take the high road He thought that I was always wrong Cause when he lied it meant he loved me And when he lied it meant he cared"
    Rabiteen, by Jack off Jill
  • "When I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injury the glitter sores will heal themselves I'll play the part of someone else"
    When I Am Queen, by Jack off Jill
  • "We are desensitized I've lost my only friend Left here alone again They left me here alone"
    Working With Meat, by Jack off Jill
  • "If you've ever been alone in the dark blue If you've ever been alone you'll know (you'll know)"
    Dark Blue, by Jack's Mannequin
  • "He's getting used to the black eyes and fat lips but all he's got is a fake smile and cut wrists Wishin' he could walk right up to them and show them the scars and say look you're the reason that I've done this"
    Steven, by Jake Miller
  • "Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me"
    Goodbye my lover, by James Blunt
  • "so come on come on what are we all waiting for? come on come on is this what we're here for? come on come on what are we all waiting for? come on come on is this what we're here for?"
    Come on,come on, by Jamestown Story
  • "And I'm sorry, but this is my fate. Everything is worthless, no one who wants me to stay. And I'm sorry, but I've waited too long. So here's my goodbye, no one will cry over me. I'm not worth any tears. "
    Goodbye,I'm sorry, by Jamestown Story
  • "Sheila goes out with her mate stella, it gets poured all over her fella, cos shes says, man he aint no better than the next man kicking up fuss drunk, she stumbles down by a river screams calling london, none of us heard her coming,"
    Sheila, by Jamie T
  • "If I said your smiles all that mattered Would you save my life ?"
    Best Mistake, by JamisonParker
  • "Tell me why everything goes wrong...and I sit all alone...tell me why honey everything goes wrong. You have a hold on me and it feels like a ball and a chain"
    Ball and Chain, by Janis Joplin
  • "Looks like everybody in this whole wide world looks down on me. Believe in your brother have faith in man."
    Down on Me, by Janis Joplin
  • "I won't hesitate, no more, no more. this is our fate. I'm yours."
    I'm yours, by Jason Mraz
  • "Are you out there? Do you hear me? Can I call you? Do you still hate me? Are we talking? Are we fighting? Is it over? Are we writing?"
    Do You Still Hate Me?, by Jawbreaker
  • "Stars will drop out of the sky The moon will sadly watch the roses die In vain Lost No gain But your not takimg me"
    Sacriffice, by Jeff williams & casey lee
  • "You cant have my life Im not your sacriffice You can try but im free And you wont conquer me I wont crawl Most of all I wont fall For you"
    Sacriffice, by Jeff williams & casey lee
  • "Close your eyes now Time for dreams Death is never What it seems Did the things they Said you should All the things they Said were good"
    Sacriffice, by Jeff williams & casey lee
  • "Born an angel Heaven sent Falls from grace are Never elegant"
    Saccrifice, by Jeff williams & casey lee williams
  • "When men on the chessboard, Get up and tell you where to go, And you've just had some kind of mushroom, And your mind is moving slow, Go ask Alice.. I think she'll know,"
    White rabbit, by Jefferson airplane
  • "hold your emotions under the Knife, lets pretend, we're satisfied, non- refundable and overhyped, now you look like you feel on the inside"
    God Hates Your Outfit, by Jeffree Star
  • "Screw XBox, i play old school nintedo... i must be emooo..."
    I must Be Emo, by Jeffree Star
  • "Cuz you know that these guys are quick to tell you that they're packin' The truth is I can't see it with some magnifying glasses."
    the size of your boat, by Jeffree Star
  • "Bitch who hate can kiss my flash ..now its time to undress ..put your drinks up if you dont give a fuck ..i dont give a fuck ..you dont give a fuck ..we dont give a fuck fuck fuck fuck"
    Blow Me, by Jeffree Star
  • "I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder. You shoulda known from the start that it wouldn't last forever. I cant control myself - I feel like someone else. I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder."
    Get Away With Murder, by Jeffree Star
  • "Hateing you makes me feel all warm inside."
    I love HATEING you, by Jennifer Bray
  • "Love is nothing but bullshit,hate is life."
    I love HATEING you, by Jennifer Bray
  • "And these sleepless nights Tossing and... The second most important part of me is untouchable We had one night, not enough time We all make mistakes, there's nothing I can do It's just a part of life Welcome to my life This is me"
    its more like a message to you, by Jerome's Dream

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