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If I meet you will you meet me meet me in the graveyard meet me in the graveyard Will You Meet Me In The Graveyard?, by Snow White's Poison Bite

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  • "Her beauty washes over me So let us hide and dance the night away Kiss the rise of the sun Then we'll melt away"
    We Are Always Searching, by I Am Ghost
  • "Look how you've grown, it's etched in skin and bone. Dressed in make-up and bleached out in the roses, That's hollow and tasteless Where spirits make love and pretty corpses hold their brides."
    Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die, by I Am Ghost
  • "60 watts, brighter than my future, an empty forty, fuller than my life, there must be more, sometimes i don't think so, maybe i'm right. maybe there's no such thing as a brighter side"
    Less Than Nothing, by I Hate Myself
  • "We fought! We fought hard! You beat me! Ripped out my heart! And waiting! For death I bleed! And bleed! And bleed."
    This isn't the Tenka-ich-Budôkai, by I Hate Myself
  • "What better way, to put myself in my place? What better way, to get out of this goddamn place? Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck, stuck in this fucking place What better way, to put myself in my place? "
    Conversation With Dr. Seussicide, by I Hate Myself
  • "You lied right to my face! you broke my fucking heart! One day, one day you tore my heart apart! And i have nothing! And i am nothing! i’m piss! i’m shit! I am less than nothing."
    Song 2 (Less Than Nothing), by I Hate Myself
  • "if only god could take my own life! I don't think i, will have any use for it! And i would say everything's not ok! I don't think you will have any use for me!!"
    Song 1, by I Hate Myself
  • "Everything is lost! We're wasting so much time, when lives are on the line! All i want to do is cry! Why do you have to die?"
    Song 3, by I Hate Myself
  • "I'm getting off this ride... Everything's passing by.. I sit and watch with closed eyes.. There's nothing left inside..."
    Song 4, by I Hate Myself
  • " We fought. We fought hard. You beat me - ripped out my heart. And waiting for death I bleed and bleed and bleed."
    This Isn't The Tenka-ichi-Budôkai, by I Hate Myself
  • "I'm going nowhere, I'd rather go somewhere instead, I'm gonna blow a hole.. Through the back of my head..."
    ... And Keep Reaching For Those Stars, by I Hate Myself
  • "How can I forget? How can I forget? How can I forget? The impact you, you had on my life"
    In Good Hands, by I Have Dreams
  • "So say goodbye and close your eyes."
    Say Goodbye, by I Killed The Prom Queen
  • "Its sad to see people who hate nd don't realize tht everyone is the same but kind of diffrent so why bully them or make fun of them ?!"
    fuck, by I Killed The Prom Queen
  • "You know that i love you and i know you love me too so please stop ignore me, its like i love and you hate!!"
    Relations, by I Love You Hate
  • "In the heat of the moment, when fear has you frozen You’re crashing and burning, when life’s at its coldest Don’t fall too far from who you are They can cut us but we’ll wear our scars"
    Scars, by I Prevail
  • "I would pull the trigger but you're already dead. If I could bring you back to life, I would do it all again."
    Already Dead, by I Prevail
  • "You ask why I'm so blue, I've been holding my breath for you."
    Wonderland, by I see stars
  • "We can conquer the king of the world!"
    Endless Sky, by I see Stars
  • "Blind and dumb, i'm killing the fake people with their own hate taking their hearts and putting them 6 feet underground"
    See me?, by i see stars
  • "If my younger self could see what I've become, it would break his heart and he would say to me, but someday when I grow up I'll be somebody, you'll see and no one can take that from me"
    Nine, by I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
  • "Well, give me one reason to trust you again, she said and I replied, well, I cannot for I have none."
    Eight, by I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
  • "But I am standing here now at twentyfuckingtwo and everything that I believe is slipping from my grasp. My faith in myself, my faith in this world, my faith that everything would work out in the end..."
    Nine, by I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
  • "I wanna die, wanna die but i don't just want to die you'll arrive, just in time just in time to stop me all the pain that you gave me, i want it all to stop yet it's not, not enough..."
    Miss Wanna Die, by IA
  • "Could you close your eyes and never say “never”? Or would you call this the end of the road? I'm running out of memories, a shell of what I used to be As this curse drains the life out of me"
    Jonathan, by Ice nine kills
  • "I've been falling apart in the pouring rain I'm waging war on myself a captive casualty Traded a merciful heart for a murderer's brain But now I curse what's in my head Because I can't stop seeing RED"
    Me, Myself & Hyde, by Ice nine kills
  • "Friends and fellow countrymen, lend me your ears. The following revelations for you skeptics to hear There exists no good, only unrealized evil I'll bring hope to the sinners, and death to the people."
    Me, Myself & Hyde, by Ice nine kills
  • "Ostracized and terrorized The outcast knows no way to survive Plagued by fear, year after year Her cries for help fell on deaf ears Forever unknown and so alone Where the hell in the hallways always feels like home."
    Hell in the Hallways, by Ice nine kills
  • "Depressions like a big fur coat,it's made of dead thingss but it keep me warm"
    Iodine, by Icon For Hire
  • "Everybody's so scared We don't wanna go there We don't wanna make a move We got all our lives to lose"
    Make A Move, by Icon For Hire

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