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I'm falling deeper and deeper Getting sweeter and sweeter Can't obscure desire 'Cause you learn as it grows It's so strong It lingers on Forever Forever Deeper And Deeper, by Cinema Bizarre

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  • "So pop that pill and put another fake smile on your face Just cause the sun rises tomorrow doesn't mean you'll make it through today"
    Eagle Mount Drive, by Valencia
  • "Johanna drove slowly into the city The Hudson River all filled with snow"
    A-Punk, by Vampire Weekend
  • "Call it love Call it lies Call it anything you like I'd do anything to bring you back to life Call it love Call it fear Till we all just disappear I'd do anything to keep your heart tonight"
    Immortal Love, by Vampires Everywhere!
  • "Well my loves a contradiction, well my loves a gleaming black roam, housing kings without queens, its more than possible and i,slit the throat of every 'livin rose fighting a breath for a breath, buried deep under regret and tied tight to every soul"
    Bleeding Rain, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "Can you see motion turn to cries and I see bloody wishes on the floor. Can you see me fading out? Can you see me? Can you burn everything, that once pertained to my lost soul? "
    Ashes to Ashes, by Vampires Everywhere!
  • "Could you kill the one who's there to save your life? Could you bleed the heart that you once loved dry? And how many times will you call my name tonight? Begging for an answer impossible to find. This will be your last breath... tonight"
    Heart for the Heartless, by Vampires Everywhere!
  • "Call it love, call it lies, call it anything you like! I'd do anything to bring you back to life!"
    Immortal Love, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "She's like a rainbow painted black and white."
    Beauty Queen, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "Bleeding rain, she calls out my name in diamonds, who's to say time will kill all of us all"
    Bleeding rain, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "Stitch heart shaped mechanical pieces, to your sleeve and hope to die, cross your fingers ans say goodbye"
    Immortal love, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "She's an advocate of total destruction, she'll spit in your face, like a suicidal plague of seduction, she puts you in your place, she's like a serial killer, holding onto grace, it's just her mind dysfunction and her pretty face."
    Kiss of death, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "There's a killer on the lose, hungry for blood"
    The embrace, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "Smothered by pain and suffering, Written with lip-gloss and blood, Can you feel your heart fading? Can you feel the change inside? Calling you like a phantom, Haunting you in the night"
    The embrace, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "I tore my eyes out, I slit my wrists to breathe, Call me pathetic and torture me, 'Cause in my mind, I can't breathe"
    I can't breathe, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "I'm not a spectacle, I'm not alright, I'm not a fucking joke, I'm not alright"
    I can't breathe, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "From the look on your face, To the fear in your eyes, That's what you wanted, Eternal life screaming cries, Don't cover your eyes (cover your eyes), As darkness bleeds the light."
    Undead heart, by VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!
  • "Dance, Go rush the speaker that booms, I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom, Deadly, when I play a dope melody, Anything less than the best is a felony!"
    Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice
  • "Getting closer and closer and closer to you. I taste your perfume on my lips. Your hair waves just like your hand the night you said goodbye."
    The Lady Huskies Are One Man Short, by Vena Amori
  • "Red eyes just keep my heart beating Your secret's safe with me Just drive, I've broken our mirror So our past won't look so tempting"
    Forgive Me, by Versus The World
  • "I don’t want to be alone anymore This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it die Anxiety still swallows my chest and lead consumes my lungs Everyday the gun meets my mouth But I’ve never been one to get the job done "
    Ugly, by Villains (Now: Yuth Forever)
  • "my dreams destroyed my hope is gone no I am, I'm lost inside a sea of burning tears"
    inside, by voicians
  • "I thought you'd hate me, but I needed you. I thought you'd hate me, but you needed truth."
    Erased, by Volumes

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