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Forsaken life I count it as loss for the sake of the cross The Harvest, by Wolves at the Gate

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  • "I want to die! I want to die! Can't someone get me out of here please? That's impossible for a freak like you. Did someone just whisper that to me?"
    Dark Woods Circus, by Machigerita-P ft. Miku/Rin/Len/KAITO
  • "We build cathedrals to our pain. Establish monuments to attain freedom from all of the scars and sins. Lest we drown in the darkness within."
    Darkness Within, by Machine Head
  • "My obsession Is dying, sinking me deeper"
    Beautiful Mourning, by Machinehead
  • "Razor at wrist I seethe The flesh, it peels apart now "
    Beautiful Mourning, by Machinehead
  • "I feed off pain, force fed to love it"
    davidian, by Machinehead
  • "Cyanide blood burns down the skyline Hatred is purity The bullet connects at last Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast"
    Davidian, by Machinehead
  • "Used needle and a crack vile A broken bottle and a bullet shell This urban life is so volatile An inner city or a concrete hell"
    A Thousand Lies, by Machinehead
  • "I am the pain that feeds off your weakness A sickening born of hate, not of the blessed"
    Old, by Machinehead
  • "All you gave you had planned to take Beat upon me but I won't break"
    None But My Own, by Machinehead
  • "Years of pain I will take and hone Manifest with your broken bones My heart bleeds for none but my own"
    None But My Own, by Machinehead
  • "My heart bleeds for none but my own"
    None But My Own, by Machinehead
  • "Try and conform, but won't be deaf, blind, dumb Been beaten down, just harder I've become"
    Death church, by Machinehead
  • "'Cause I'm gonna die standing upon my feet You're gonna die groveling on your knees"
    Death church, by Machinehead
  • "This world does not want me This world does not care And I am a product of this world Confused, I'd say that's fair"
    The Rage To Overcome, by Machinehead
  • "This pain will never leave me It's scarred upon my brain"
    The Rage To Overcome, by Machinehead
  • "Destroying everything that brought this Just to keep me, just to keep me sane"
    The Rage To Overcome, by Machinehead
  • "A hatred burns inside me Emotion out of hand But I've the will to focus this Survive, contrive, command"
    The Rage To Overcome, by Machinehead
  • "An open mind With a closed fist"
    The Rage To Overcome, by Machinehead
  • "You close your eyes, scared to think"
    Nation On Fire, by Machinehead
  • "A world that spends more to kill than to cure Living, writhing, diseased, so unpure"
    Nation On Fire, by Machinehead
  • "Our suffering, won't always be We'll dominate, this nation on fire"
    Nation On Fire, by Machinehead
  • "You tell me peace, Well I hear gunshots all night The scars I have, I've earned 'cause I've had to fight An endless pain, and it won't change We just sat by, and watched this world die"
    Nation On Fire, by Machinehead
  • "I was born of tension Anger came from frustration I can't back down from aggression Some hard knocks taught me this lesson"
    Blood For Blood, by Machinehead
  • "I scarred my fist, I scarred my brain I think that I'm going insane"
    I'm Your God Now, by Machinehead
  • "I crawled in my narcotic shell Was crucified in my own hell A gutter's where I found myself Among the waste I chose to dwell"
    I'm Your God Now, by Machinehead
  • "My hands shake cause today, i know you're gonna break my heart"
    Here I Stand, by Madina Lake
  • "It's such a shame what I've become, after years of breaking down. My whole life has come undone, cause I'm trying to fake it all"
    House Of Cards, by Madina Lake
  • "She wraps her tragic moments tightly around her neck."
    Adalia, by Madina Lake
  • "cut my eyes on visions of you memories aren't clear"
    morning sadnes, by Madina Lake
  • "I wanna go where theres no one we know."
    Let\'s get outta here, by Madina Lake

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