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jimmy says its better than air, well i'll tell you what drain the pressure from the swelling visitations are over welming idk, by greenday

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  • "All the pictures from your past why those walls r painted black and the secrets u hide under your bed... let me in your room"
    Let Me In Your Room, by Hailstorm
  • "Can you take me away? I don't wanna stay the night, in this run-down place. Don't try to tell me I'll be fine, cuz I'd rather not stay."
    Zombie's Don't Dream, by Hair Jordan
  • "I slither like a viper and get you by the neck, I know 1000 ways to help you forget about her. That bitch can eat her heart out!"
    Love Bites(So do I), by Halestorm
  • "everytime try to get a lil closer. u shut down and da conversations over. im right here but u leave me in da dark. show me ur private parts!"
    Priate Parts, by Halestorm
  • "Here's to us. Here's to love. Here's to all when we fucked up. Here's to us. Raise a glass. 'Cause the last few days have kicked my ass"
    Here's To Us, by Halestorm
  • "Welcome to the nightmare in my head. My gosh! Say hello to something scary. A monster in ur bed. My gosh! Just give in and u won't b sorry. Welcome to my evil side. Now it's Mz.Hyde"
    Mz.Hyde, by Halestorm
  • "Give it up baby wut r u afraid of? Love sucks when u don't know wut it's made of. We get naked but i can't undress ur heart. Show me ur private parts!"
    Private Parts, by HaleStorm
  • "I'm on the train that's pulling the sick and twisted, making the most of the ride before we get arrested, we're all wasted, and were not going home tonight."
    Freak Like Me, by Halestorm
  • "My ghost, where'd you go? I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me My ghost, where'd you go? What happened to the soul that you used to be?"
    Ghost, by Halsey
  • "sick of all these people talking. Sick of all this noise. Now my neck is open wide. Begging for a fist around it."
    Castle, by Halsey
  • "Am in love where no one love only hate comes first amd i get hurt love in hell is like love on earth!"
    Love in Hell, by Harry Janes
  • "I'm not sick but I'm not well And I'm so hot 'cause I'm in Hell I'm not sick but I'm not well And it's a sin to live so well"
    Flagpole Sitta, by Harvey Danger
  • "We will see the fire. The skies will open up."
    Chorus Of Angels, by Haste The Day
  • "Cover yourselves with the flesh of their fallen"
    Crush Resistance, by Haste The Day
  • "I'm holding onto, onto, onto nothing. I've begun crashing, crashing, crashing hard. Let me feel panic, panic, panic again. Set ablaze, I'll shine brighter than the stars."
    Ten Thousand Stars, by Hatsune Miku
  • "And I'll finally see ten thousand others just like me, filling up the night sky, we'll never be lonely. Take me up where I can feel the zero gravity, come on, come on be free, come on, come and see."
    Ten Thousand Stars, by Hatsune Miku
  • "Make it a secret, think you can keep it? I'm not OK and I'll never be the same. Make it a surprise, set a date and time, don't let them know, I won't say goodbye before I go."
    Ten Thousand Stars, by Hatsune Miku
  • "Do I want to live? Do I want to die? Is it even worth thinking about anymore?"
    Nonsensical Noise, by Hatsune Miku
  • "arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads,arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads,arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads,arrowheads"
    bloodhail, by have a nice life
  • "She's upset, Bad day, Heads for the dresser drawer to drive the pain away, Nothing good can come of There is only leftover tears, Mom and Dad have no right she screams, Anger runs down both of her cheeks. "
    To Write Love On her Arms, by Hawethorne Heights
  • "So cut my wrists and black my eyes. My final breath is gone So I can fall asleep tonight"
    Ohio Is For Lovers, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "I'll wait for you, I cross my heart. Dissolve and decay, there's nothing left for me. (Right now) This fire's dying down, there's nothing left to see. (Right now)"
    Dissolve And Decay, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "Got a single Silver Bullet Shot right through my heart. To prove I can survive, Without you."
    Silver Bullet, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "Wake me up from this nightmare Wake me up, I know I am drowning in the blood from a pitch black heart"
    Wake Up Call, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "Turn my world from disaster Make my heart start beating faster Ask the question, here's the answer I need you now and I can't stand this"
    Language Lessons (Five Words Or Less), by Hawthorne Heights
  • "Close the door, lock it tight Then I'll know you're safe tonight Turn on a song that means the most Believe I'm there and hold me close"
    Dead In The Water, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "You don't have to speak because I can hear your heartbeat Fluttering like butterflies searching for a drink"
    Decembers, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "Got This Single Silver Bullet Shot Right Through My Heart To Prove I Can't Survive Without You"
    Silver Bullet, by Hawthorne Heights
  • "You know you do, you kill me well. You like it too, and I can tell. You never stop until my final breath is gone."
    Ohio Is For Lovers., by Hawthorne Heights
  • "I can't make it on my own .... so cut my wrists & black my eyes so I can fall asleep tonight or die. Because you kill me, you know you do, you kill me well."
    Ohio Is For Lovers, by Hawthorne Heights

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