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Time for me to leave this place, don't feel like its going to come come come Let It All Hang Out, by Weezer

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  • "It's been a minute, love Wish we never broke it off I hated that we separated Can't forget you, no"
    Kill My Boyfriend, by Natalia Kills
  • "fallling through a deep dark hole, failing to find the edges, as you rip me apart, I still feel whole..... "
    Falling, by Natalie
  • "It's what we're made to do, You act like we're to blame, Wear a mask to hide yourself, When really it makes us the same..."
    Mangled, by Nate Wants To Battle (YouTuber)
  • "We're only kids who lost our way, but if we wait long enough then we'll be saved, just sleep, just dream, this isn't fair, no, we're not just what we seem."
    Nightmare, by Nate Wants To Battle (YouTuber)
  • "I'd run anywhere else but here Yeah, I'd light the match to burn all my fears And now you and I, we don't differ You gotta learn An ending don't mean it's over An ending don't mean it's over"
    All Endings, by NateWantsToBattle
  • "Say it once, say it twice, now you're in my head! Say it once, say it twice, leaving me for dead! Say it once, say it twice, now you're in my head! Say it at the same time, Jinx and now you're dead!"
    In My Head, by NateWantsToBattle
  • "I was falling for a girl who would ask me to come over just for the day, when her parents were away. Now all i can do is lay in my room, fall asleep dream of you then wake up and do nothing about it."
    A Part of Me, by Neck Deep
  • "Pain is never permanent but tonight it's killing me."
    December, by Neck Deep
  • "I came out grieving barely breathing and you came out alright but I'm sure you'll take his hand I hope he's better than I ever could have been"
    December, by Neck deep
  • "Here we are again, I feel the chemicals kicking in. It's getting heavy and I wanna run and hide. I wanna run and hide. I do it everytime! You're killing me now! And I won't be denied by you! The animal inside of you!"
    Animal, by Neon Trees
  • "You did it, you did it again You pulled all of my hair You did it, you did it again You did it with my hands"
    I'm Not Your Puppet, by Neuroqueer Front
  • "Baby i love you the i think about, the more i wanna to let you know"
    Can't Stand It, by Never Shout Never
  • "Baby, I love you I never want to let you go The more I think about, The more I want to let you know... That everything you do, Is super fuckin' cute And I can't stand it"
    cant stand it, by Never Shout Never
  • "All we ever did was move around. I was always the new kid. Never the cool kid. But all i ever wanted to do, was to fall inlove. Just to be inlove."
    Losing it, by Never Shout Never
  • "And I have a question: What is love? What is love? Oh, oh oh oh-oh-oh Is it giving up? 'Cause that's not how you Raised me, yeah."
    What Is Love?, by Never Shout Never
  • "We've got it good Whether you like this town or not I know it's small but with a big head it's bound to get hot In the summer But the summer is a bummer If you can't leave This pathetic excuse for a town "
    BigCityDreams, by Never Shout Never
  • "What is love? what is love? is it giving up? cause thats not how you rasied me."
    What Is Love?, by NeverShoutNever
  • "and if i had a dime for every apology that was never said, id be a rich man."
    Sky High Standard, by NeverShoutNever
  • "Thinking back and wondering why Im such a fool for loving you."
    Your Biggest Fan, by NeverShoutNever
  • "Wondering why the world is the way it is & why my mama cries. Every night when I try to rest my head on the floor, half stoned, thinking; Damn, this shit gets old."
    This Shit Gets Old, by NeverShoutNever
  • "To your hopes, your dreams, your everything Well daddy, I hope, I dream that she won't Leave "
    What Is Love?, by NeverShoutNever
  • "You're only as tall As your heart will let you be And you're only as small As the world will make you seem And when the going gets rough And you feel like you may fall Just look on the bright side You're roughly six feet tall"
    On The Brightside, by NeverShoutNever
  • "I'm in trouble,I'm an addict,I'm addicted to this girl,she's got my heart tied in a knot and my stomach in a whirl,but even worse I can't stop calling her,she's all I want and more,I mean damn what's not to adore???"
    Trouble, by NeverShoutNever
  • "I was mean to a girl. Who loved me unconditionally."
    Complex heart, by NeverShoutNever
  • "Damn what's her name? Cause I'm overly attracted and terribly convinced that she can be my princess and i can be her prince, and its been that way since; since i met Jane Doe"
    Jane Doe, by NeverShoutNever
  • "You can't take my soul It left so long ago You won't have control I'm a monster of my own Reap the seeds you sow Revenge I will atone Burn into my bones I'm a monster of my own"
    Monster of my own, by Neverwake
  • "I can't sleep anymore since you left I miss you singing me to sleep I can't wake anymore in your arms I miss you singing me to sleep "
    Dressed To Kill, by New Found Glory
  • "You've got a nasty little side of you that's new to me. i wish i knew the signs were on the wall for all to see. A penny for your thoughts a dollar for the rational one! you never seen the glass as anything but empty!!!"
    Do Your Worst, by New Years Day
  • "We are the death of the party, were here to save you."
    Death of the Party, by New Years Day
  • "Back against the wall so Its kill or be killed No other choice then bloods gonna spill Back against the wall so Forget or forgive But after all this I never will"
    Kill Or Be Killed, by New Years Day

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