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Cold white walls, keep you from your pad and pen. You just wanna stab again. I can't believe it's half this hard, You never knew your mind was dark, no! Don't You Dare Forget the Sun, by Get Scared

Emo Song Lyrics - NeverShoutNever (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "What is love? what is love? is it giving up? cause thats not how you rasied me."
    What Is Love?, by NeverShoutNever
  • "and if i had a dime for every apology that was never said, id be a rich man."
    Sky High Standard, by NeverShoutNever
  • "Thinking back and wondering why Im such a fool for loving you."
    Your Biggest Fan, by NeverShoutNever
  • "Wondering why the world is the way it is & why my mama cries. Every night when I try to rest my head on the floor, half stoned, thinking; Damn, this shit gets old."
    This Shit Gets Old, by NeverShoutNever
  • "To your hopes, your dreams, your everything Well daddy, I hope, I dream that she won't Leave "
    What Is Love?, by NeverShoutNever
  • "You're only as tall As your heart will let you be And you're only as small As the world will make you seem And when the going gets rough And you feel like you may fall Just look on the bright side You're roughly six feet tall"
    On The Brightside, by NeverShoutNever
  • "I'm in trouble,I'm an addict,I'm addicted to this girl,she's got my heart tied in a knot and my stomach in a whirl,but even worse I can't stop calling her,she's all I want and more,I mean damn what's not to adore???"
    Trouble, by NeverShoutNever
  • "I was mean to a girl. Who loved me unconditionally."
    Complex heart, by NeverShoutNever
  • "Damn what's her name? Cause I'm overly attracted and terribly convinced that she can be my princess and i can be her prince, and its been that way since; since i met Jane Doe"
    Jane Doe, by NeverShoutNever

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