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When you're overwhelmed And you've lost your breath And the space between the things you know Is blurring nonetheless Beside You, by Marianas Trench

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Latest Emo Lyrics:

  • "The only eyes ill look into are those of your relection, you are the means to my end. this conversation is over."
    This Conversation is Over, by Alesana
  • "Sweat drips in my eyes Screams of lust we cry Tonight, you are, everything You're everything... You're everything to me "
    Apology, by Alesana
  • "Choke on the lies that were your last goodbye"
    Goodbye, Goodnight for Good, by Alesana
  • "Were the last words that I wrote for you enough to tell you that in my death the light that shone through my painful darkness was a blinding vision of your eternal smile "
    The Last Three Letters, by Alesana
  • "Never knew that silence could cut so deep, or that you could twist the blade, Now I curse all of your beautiful lies.. I love you and goodbye... "
    The Last Three Letters, by Alesana
  • "Your truth is a deception meant to poison me Take everything away from me silent angel Leave me nothing to remind me of this time now lost "
    This Conversation is Over, by Alesana
  • "I can't help believing in you... The idea of beauty leaves me enslaved Say you'll stay for tonight And I promise you this will be the last "
    Not a Single Word About This, by Alesana
  • "Sweat drips in my eyes. Screams of lust we cry. Tonight you are everything. You're everything. You're everything to me."
    Apology, by Alesana
  • "What fate has led me here... Oh please forgive me dear I don't know if I could survive on my own (my own) I could have married you instead I buried you Now I will see if I can fall asleep alone (alone)"
    A Lunatic's Lament, by Alesana
  • "Days fade away but guilt still burns inside of me. I feel as if I am responsible. Why can't I realize just how the pieces seem to fit? I feel as if I am responsible."
    A Most Profound Quiet, by Alesana
  • "I feel like you will always be such a tragic part of me, ecstasy, you torture me. <3"
    Curse of the Virgin Canvas, by Alesana
  • "Everywhere I look there’s agony and pain.. What’s the point of fighting when there’s nothing to save?"
    Vestige, by Alesana
  • "What fate has led me here, Oh please forgive me dear. I don't know if I could survive on my own. I could have married you, Instead I buried you, Now we'll see if I can fall asleep alone. "
    A Lunatic's Lament, by Alesana
  • "Saw your eyes today, in a memory painted in the sky. You smiled and said to me a love like this can never truly die..."
    Hymn for the shameless, by Alesana
  • "I shut my eyes and once again the pleasure strangles me. I taste the tears of sweet indulgence, pain, and fantasy. Oh the visions inside my head... The emptiness will haunt you..."
    Hymn for the shameless, by Alesana
  • "How does the daggger feel now When your on the reciving end? If this is what you call betrayal, Then this is what I call revenge."
    Annabel, by Alesana
  • "I handed you a knife and my heart.."
    Annabel, by Alesana
  • "I'm not the one to give up on you now.I'll never leave the ground without having to let go, yeah! Every time I try I'm further from the sky.I wish that I could let go, I'm lost in your beautiful trance."
    labyrinth, by Alesana
  • "You think you'll win my forgiveness? Sweetheart, you're sadly mistaken"
    Sweetheart, you're sadly mistaken, by Alesana
    lullaby of the crucified, by Alesana
  • " i am here to tell you a story, a story that will torture your thoughts by day, and poison your dreams by night"
    Curse of the virgin canvas, by Alesana
  • "Quietly I am screaming for help, I calm down and steady myself. Collapse to the ground when I realize I can't breathe. Could this be happening. All the walls are closing in on me and confusion makes it hard to see."
    Beyond the Sacred Glass, by Alesana
  • "Imagine where you'd be now if you only knew That the one you love, is the one who's killing you"
    Annabelle, by Alesana
  • "We have to crave a masterpiece beneath the ink, We’re falling for the fiction. The end is dawning,The sun is setting on a silent morning. Our stars aligning as universes shatter time,I’m resisting reality"
    Catharsis, by Alesana
  • "My angel close your eyes, I'll be your lover tonight. I'm tired of trying. I'm sick of the waiting! If there's nothing that I can do. A pitiful lullaby to sing the tortured to sleep"
    lullaby of the crucified, by Alesana
  • "Lost in your passion,endless attraction,forever yours You make me feel like I’m invincible Love sings such a sweet ending Ballad of lust,anticipate the irresistible. Changing the end means going back to where it all began."
    It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, by Alesana
  • "Is it her could it be should my eyes believe what they see, Just a kiss from her lips and I would simply float away.."
    The Lover, by Alesana
  • "Your telltale heart is beating, unstable minds descend I’m through trying to reach you, I am the emptiness Our love will nevermore attach your soul to mine You don’t understand,time is on my side now baby And time is running out "
    Catharsis, by Alesana
  • "I need you more tonight than you will ever know I swear to never forget this heartbreaking dance The hell of being trapped is simply not a match for death Heaven awaits"
    Through The Eyes of Uriel, by Alesana
  • "Dearest love, I hope this finds you well I am kidding this is probably hell. Lonely stranger with a brush in hand Never saw me sneaking up on him Tonight say goodbye to what you thought you knew."
    Paradox, by Alesana

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