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I was all for you, you fell over my love, now I'm left with thoughts of suicide. Let Live, by Of Mice & Men

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Vanessa Brown
26 / Female / Bridgeton, New Jersey, United States
Straight / Married
Member since: May 11, 2020
Last online: Jan 07, 2024

About Me

I go by Ness for short...

I am from North Carolina so I am a southern girl with a very strong southern accent.

I am very weird, funny, and awesome!

I like to take photos of nature, fashion modeling, and a lot of other things. 

I use wigs, extensions, and other accessories for my outfits and styles.

I am very creative with my photography techniques and I am always trying to figure out how to make my aesthetic style goth, emo, and the scene look original to me.  

I mostly do selfie photography because my talent with it is capturing my makeup, body language, and facial expressions through my aesthetic fashion.

Constantly create my own styles of outfits by making outfits with all the clothes I got and making random wardrobes.

I like to cook, do crafts, color in coloring books, play games, watch youtube, listen to music, watch movies, watch tv shows, watch documentaries, make kandi, shop, (I do like to write a lot because I am a very detailed writer on personal thoughts and other things I want to talk about so I will write my thoughts down on paper or type them in my own words as my feelings), and go out places, I like to draw and I am a mixed media artist and I do many other activities!

I like to sing with my headphones on... 

My favorite makeup products and cosmetics are eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara, and nail polish! 

I can get very creative with makeup and find different ways to use makeup on my face and I love cheap stuff.

I have many styles I don't particularly stick with one style because I am constantly changing my style so I will have different hair often and if it's not dyed and styled myself, it's a wig because I am lazy sometimes or unable to do a certain hairstyle myself naturally.

My hair is what constantly changes and then I find the matching fashion for it then the makeup.

I did not go to school for the hobbies I do, I was self-taught and developed my hobbies and talents on my own level.

I am very nice and outgoing to others and I like to make friends but I am also just a little antisocial introvert and a little extravert.

You can find more about me, see my work, and what I post on my other social media here:

Other Social media:





My Youtube Channel

Gothwire/HeyFreaks Profile


Friend Project Profile

If you would like to contact me, please do so on my above social media links too I will respond on those as well!

Please note you will be blocked for following:

If you're a catfish

A troll

Harassing me

Sugar Daddy/ Sugar mama /Sugar baby or whatever you are /Scammers

Fake profiles

•Looking to friend me for unnecessary reasons which is:

1) Asking me if I'm single

2) Asking about sex or communicating sexually in any way towards me

3) Saying anything inappropriate

4 )Disrespecting me

5) Randomly wanting to be friends with no reasons

6) Just want me in your friends list

7) Wanting a follow for follow 

8) Blank profile


Favourite Music


Favourite Films / TV / Books



Education / Occupation

I graduated high school in 2017 and after some time I eventually got my very first job.
I went to work for Adidas Group in SC, Spartanburg as a VAS associate in the manufacturing department.
In NJ where I currently live I've worked at this freezer food packing place (I forgot the name), for retail I've worked at Forman Mills in Vineland, NJ as a fitting room associate, and I now currently am a glass springer at Quality Ingenuity Services in Rosenhayn NJ.
I didn't start working until after I got out of school so I haven't had much work experience until then.
So yeah... I haven't had many jobs lol

Who I'd Like To Meet

Robert Englund mostly & some other famous actors I like!

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