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Bands you've had the pleasure/displeasure of seeing live - Mar 27 2018, 04:23 PM

diewithme666 - soEmo.co.uk

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Any bands or artists you've seen that have put on either phenomenal or poor/disappointing shows?
As for me, I've seen a lot of great bands but the best show Ive gone to is a tie between Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. I saw Maiden last year during their Book of Souls tour and their energy and how good they sounded and their interaction with the crowd was all just outstanding. I saw Alice Cooper a couple weeks ago and he was amazing as well, the theatrics made the show even better :')

I would say Marilyn Manson was the worst show I've seen. All he did was get beyond drunk, mumble/scream into the mic (he also couldn't remember any of his lyrics, so the only thing that left his mouth was "whatever"), he also spat out some pretty unnecessary racial slurs and complained about the crowd and insulted them because they weren't "appreciating him enough" which made the moment even more unenjoyable. I ended up leaving which I was kind of upset about because Slipknot was coming on after him but I also couldn't bear any more of his set

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xX_so_sad_Xx - soEmo.co.uk

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Mar 27 2018, 09:32 PM

I don't think ive ever been to a horrible show. there's been some local shows i've been to where the bands were boring but nothing i wasn't expecting.

The best show i've been to is hard to say but honestly, even though they're not on my list of favorite bands, seeing bowling for soup live at warped a couple of years ago was super fun, they're really good live and played all of the old stuff, even the phineas and ferb theme song, and were really chill and funny
xxpanicxx - soEmo.co.uk

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Apr 23 2018, 05:59 PM

so i was at a Panic! At the Disco concert last year. it was really really good. i almost cried when brendon urie started playing this is gospel on the piano. his voice was ranging from lows to highs and i was screaming, "I LOVE YOU" and "DADDY BRENDON" and the song lyrics. also i got some confetti at the end and the security guard yelled at me but all i wanted was a streamer lol. he also pointed towards my general direction during "I write sins not tragedies" and said, "I love you" he also gave a really motivational speech saying how we were going to be the generation to change the world. also during "I write sins not tragedies" there's a lyric " the poor grooms bride is a (insert cuss word here because i dont want to get banned)" and the audience said it. and he said, "you said it not me" and he hugged people and as he was getting through the crowds he said " oh shit. "

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