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I swore I'd never let you down. I never thought I'd let you down. I'm sorry. I'M SORRY THAT I LET YOU DROWN. In my deep dreams, you take over me. In these deep dreams, you TAKE OVER ME! On My Own, by Saosin

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Emo Pictures - xxBraydenTheBrokenxx
Posts: 7
Lonely and Miserable In Ohio Jun 07 2021, 06:27 AM

Haven’t been on here in forever. Yeah basically I have zero friends and live in such a boring place. This is hell, like really?!?


Posts: 18
Jun 07 2021, 12:44 PM

I only have 1 friend in real life myself that I don't see often thanks to the stupid pandemic.

And now it's extremely hard to make friends with anyone in real life. Not just I got Aspergers Syndrome(Autism related), and severe anxiety. But now with the stupid pandemic having to meet people outdoors at a distance is much harder.

UK based myself.

Have you got PS4?

Gaming and talking in party chat would be nice.

Emo Pictures - XxD4ddy_ph4nt0mxX
Posts: 5
Jan 02 2022, 06:51 PM

gawd... the midwest sucks. I feel you :<

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