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[2x] And I could call you 'baby doll' all the time And you'd whisper in my ears, you'd say (whisper in my ears, you'd say) I missed you boy Sing it over again, and over again, and over again Your song, by Mayday Parade

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Follow my instagram? New Fwiendz? lol Mar 22 2022, 02:11 PM

HIIII. Looking for new friends. My instagram is @lukaskillswitch  and im SOOO close to 2K! i would really love to hit this milestone and meet some lovley peeps. If u wanna know more about me read below.

Hi. My name is Lukas Killswitch. Im Korean-Australlian(Half Black/Half Korean and born in Sydney). I live in the US. I love alternative/emo/Scene music & bands, emo/scene/alternative fashion, ANIMEEE! minecraft,genshin impact,eddsworld, homestuck,i am into drawing/animation(for youtube and making original animes.,dream/weird/internet/kawaii/hyper/horrorcore + 2000s/80's popculture. I am 18, I am scemo basically lmao. I love anime,horror,creepypasta,Video games,cosplaying,makin Youtube vids,making music,writing and reading, and yeah just HMU. I am nice and kind and weird(in a fun way) and goofy. I love alot of bands and music and i love all types of genres(just not country lol).Follow me to find out more about me. Insta:@lukaskillswitch Snapchat:itsmalicali


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