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It's like a stranger had a key, came inside of my mind And moved all my things around But he didn't know snakes can't kneel or prey Try to break the psyche down Deep six, by Marilyn Manson

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Follow my instagram? New Fwiendz? lol Mar 22 2022, 02:11 PM

HIIII. Looking for new friends. My instagram is @lukaskillswitch  and im SOOO close to 2K! i would really love to hit this milestone and meet some lovley peeps. If u wanna know more about me read below.

Hi. My name is Lukas Killswitch. Im Korean-Australlian(Half Black/Half Korean and born in Sydney). I live in the US. I love alternative/emo/Scene music & bands, emo/scene/alternative fashion, ANIMEEE! minecraft,genshin impact,eddsworld, homestuck,i am into drawing/animation(for youtube and making original animes.,dream/weird/internet/kawaii/hyper/horrorcore + 2000s/80's popculture. I am 18, I am scemo basically lmao. I love anime,horror,creepypasta,Video games,cosplaying,makin Youtube vids,making music,writing and reading, and yeah just HMU. I am nice and kind and weird(in a fun way) and goofy. I love alot of bands and music and i love all types of genres(just not country lol).Follow me to find out more about me. Insta:@lukaskillswitch Snapchat:itsmalicali


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