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Why do we make it so hard? Why live our lives in distance? Why do we make it so hard? My Better Half, by One Last Wish

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23 / Female / Hell,, United Kingdom
Member since: May 01, 2015
Last online: Jul 21, 2016

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About Me

Hello everyone.. I'm not new here. I've been away for a lil time cos of school, family, mistakes I made and stuffs in general. I'm Aara. But I have some problems describing my gender cos I'm femmine some days and others I'm not at all. So please don't judge. I'm a girl who is trying to bring light where's not. My mind is strange to understand.. I love screamo songs, but also pop ones. I'm not tall, I don't come from England. Neither Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland. I just wish I could live there. I live in East Europe and I'm middle Austrian. I don't dye my hair (because of my parents) and my natural color is blond (light blond.. but not to light). My eyes are light blue and they change their color somedays but it's like grey or green (the shitty green mixed with yellow). I'm not happy always. I don't like when guys date you only for watching your nudes or stuffs. No perverts thanks. My emotions are sometimes to heavy for my to support and I explode like a bomb. So if you want to be my friend you need to handle this. For the other things, write me. 
Oh, I don't talk with over 30 people !! 

Favourite Music

So, my favorite music is metal.. Death metal
But I also like nightcore, punk, pop, bands like OLN, celtic music, gypsy music, rap (only eminem and Witt Lowry), House, and almost all the kind of music. Also some songs by BOTDF (don't judge please).
My favorite song .. idk. I have a lot of favorite songs, like: Home-OLN ; Darling-ESTK; Monster-Meg&Dia ; You Found Me-The Fray.
I have others, obviously. I love Motionless in white, Asking Alexandria, Escape the fate, Whitechapel, BMTH, also some new songs of Tokio Hotel.
If you have questions, write me a message 

Favourite Films / TV / Books

My favorite film is Sàla Samobòjcow. The first time I saw it, I was so impressed that I decided to have a second life in a virtual world too. (Because I'm a lonely person -not for choice-) 
So I was talking with a gendefluid person and he said to me to watch it online because it was his fave film. 
I knew that film existed since I became emo. C'mon! Which emo doesn't know that film?
But I had never seen him before that night because my parents didn't want me to watch psycho things.
But I did it without their permission and I watched it on Friday night, at 1am. (Yes, basically it was Saturday morning but was actually night still and the day after I had school).
Well, I watched it and it took till 4am because I was also talking to my friend so I had to continue stop the film (I was with my phone). Anyway, that film is spectacular and I love the way Jakub Gierszal acts.
I don't read many books... But my favorite one is 'Run Boy Run' by Uri Orlev. I love war books about 2nd World War. So I only red that kind of books..

Education / Occupation

Who I'd Like To Meet

My future boyfriend... an emo crazy guy (as crazy as me) who has emo haircuts and can handle to hear me singing all the day... Yes, I love singing all the day... for everything I do.

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