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Everywhere I look there’s agony and pain.. What’s the point of fighting when there’s nothing to save? Vestige, by Alesana

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Tori Sykes
32 / Female / Wahpeton, United States
Bisexual / Single & Looking
Member since: May 07, 2009
Last online: May 10, 2009

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About Me

i know what you're thinking and yes, i do realize
how awesome i am. its a gift as well as a curse. music fuels my blood,
so when my ipod dies so do i. i have an appetite for disaster, scraping
at my plate. when i die, i'm going to leave the world wanting more. i
love to dance while blasting my stereo. i am me for me and i do what i
like cause i like what i do. i hate people who cry about their lives
and don't do shit to change it. nothing can be achieved in self-pity. i
love meeting people. i'll talk to most anyone.

remember... i am done trying to be who you want me to be. what you see
is what you get and will regret. i am happy with who i am even as i am
changing. when i say you will never meet someone as amazing as i am,
take it to heart because i will leave a void when i am gone. i will be
remembered when i leave you tonight, when i leave you for good and when
i leave this world forever. i appear strong to the eye, but believe me
i am just as vulnerable as you. i am human and have issues, inabilities
and fears but i admit them. i will not shelter my emotions and i will
call you out when you bullshit. if you take one thing from all this
writing, forget it. do not kid yourself, you know nothing about me. <br

I have Tropophobia, Demonophobia, Kakorrhaphiophobia,
Paraskavedekatriaphobia, Nosocomephobia, Stygiophobia, Hypnophobia,
Lilapsophobia, Athazagoraphobia, Basiphobia, Limnophobia, Brontophobia,
Karaunophobia,Philophobia,Gamophobia, Stenophobia, Belonephobia,
Triskadekaphobia, Ponophobia,Cleithrophobia, Rhabdophobia, Isolophobia,
Pnigerophobia, Panthophobia, Macrophobia.

according to greek mythology, humans were originally created with 4
arms, 4 legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, zeus split
them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in
search of their other halves. and that's who i'm looking for. and i
think ive found him.

Favourite Music


3 doors down/ 30 seconds to mars/ 36 crazyfists/


ac/dc/ aerosmith/ afi/ against the fall/ a lovely day for bloodshed/ all time low/ alesana/ alexisonfire/ alice in videoland/ amber pacific/ angels & airwaves/ armor for sleep/ as blood runs black/ as i lay dying/ atreyu/ avenged sevenfold/ avril lavigne/


beneath the sky/ between the buried and me/ the birthday massacre/ the black dahlia murder/ blaqk audio/ bleeding through/ blessthefall/ blink-182/ breaking benjamin/ BRING ME THE HORIZON/ buckcherry/ bullet for my valentine/


the calling/ a change of pace/ children of bodom/ cky/ cobra starship/ coheed and cambria/ the cool kids/ creed/


a day to remember/ the devil wears prada/ disturbed/ dragon force/ drop dead, gorgeous/


escape the fate/ eminem/ evanescence/


fake shark - real zombie!/ the fall of troy/ fall out boy/ family force 5/ finger eleven/ five finger death punch/ flyleaf/ four letter lie/ faming hanley/ from autumn to ashes/ from first to last/ funeral for a friend/


godsmack/ good charlotte/ gorillaz/ green day/ guns n' roses/


h.i.m./ hellogoodbye/ hinder/ hollywood undead/ the human abstract/


i set my friends on fire/ insane clown posse/ it dies today/


jimmy eat world/ job for a cowboy/


killswitch engage/ korn/


lamb of god/ last of the believers/ lifehouse/ linkin park/ lovehatehero/


marilyn manson/ matchbox twenty/ mayday parade/ maylene and the sons of disaster/ the medic droid/ metallica/ mika/ mindless self indulgence/ monster magnet/ mudvayne/ my chemical romance/


nevershoutnever!/ new found glory/ nickelback/ nirvana/ the number 12 looks like you/


the offspring/ on the last day/ outkast/ ozzy osbourne/


pantera/ papa roach/ paramore/ poison the well/ prince/ protest the hero/ psychostick/ puddle of mudd/ the pussycat dolls/


quiet riot/


rage against the machine/ rascal flatts/ red hot chilli peppers/ the red jumpsuit appartus/ rise against/


saosin/ scary kids scaring kids/ senses fail/ serj tankian/ shinedown/ the showdown/ sick puppies/ silverstein/ simple plan/ sick puppies/ sky eats airplane/ the sleeping/ slipknot/ a static lullaby/ stone sour/ sum 41/ switchfoot/ system of a down/


taking back sunday/ tech n9ne/ three days grace/ thrice/ through the eyes of the dead/ throwdown/ trivium/ turn left here/


underoath./ the used./



we the kings./ wolfmother./ wyclef jean./ watchout! theres ghosts!/




yellowcard./ you me at six./



Favourite Films / TV / Books

Education / Occupation

Who I'd Like To Meet

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Jul 20 2009, 02:10 PM
Interesting profile,, and your list of phobia is amazing,, I like all , even your pictures.
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
May 07 2009, 06:45 PM
Heya DropDeadTori welcome to soEmo.co.uk Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance. Find other members using the Browse feature and check out the Emo Forums as well. The site is still in development so if you have any suggestions or problems please email info@soEmo.co.uk -Matt
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  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.
  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.


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