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Emo lyricsI am unraveling, unbearably empty. And if this ground gives way i just hope that you'll catch me.Emo song lyrics
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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - E-K-J

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Name: Kirst
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Location: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Member Since: Mar 20, 2008
Last Login: Aug 03, 2009

About Me



-- i'm rubbish at describing myself as you will probably find out
-- lets add a drop of colour to this place!
-- just a little a walking cliche
-- not exactly the brightest crayon in the box
-- yes, i do burst out laughing in a silent room sometimes
-- pfft. i'm 100% totally rubbish at making first impressions so give me chance before you make judgement.
-- kirstish@hotmail.co.uk

Favourite Music


-- its impossible to see me without my earphones on full volume
-- a few of my loves

my chemical romance
bullet for my valentine
madina lake
you me at 6
30 seconds to mars
fall out boy
plain white t's
kill hannah
the red jumpsuit apparatus

Favourite Films & TV


-- can't beat a friday night movie

those good old disney classics
harry potter series
8 mile
step up
oliver twist
coyote ugly
just like heaven
she's the man

Favourite Books


-- books are so much better than bikes

those real life books
harry potter [again]
jacquline wilson
anything with a good story line

Education / Occupation


-- i'm about the only person i know that doesn't mind school

between the teachers that you can laugh and joke around with and the great mates that stick by you no matter what, you will find me.

art history ict music english science math re

year 10. doing my job.

Who I'd Like To Meet


-- maybe i will meet them, maybe i wont. everything has a reason.

i would love to meet my chemical romance. not just like, go to their show, listen to them play music then go home. i mean, meet. say hi. make an impression on them like they have on me.

i guess it will happen or it wont. no point in setting a goal for it.

you won't find me i'm going missing in action.

My Links


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xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

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harmonxjim33 - soEmo.co.uk

Jan 15 2020, 11:00 PM

This special edition of the shadow fight 2 hack download game features dozens of martial arts techniques. Use them to fight off unique enemies.
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Nov 10 2008, 12:01 PM

Heya it's ok as it's only a pretty small site. We do have over 1000 active members now though.

Some stuff will have changed since you last came on, but I'm not sure when that was.

Anyway hows things going? I'm busy as ever.. x
bLoOdStAiN - soEmo.co.uk

Nov 09 2008, 06:57 PM

. . . .+++++. . . .
..how about there??
bLoOdStAiN - soEmo.co.uk

Nov 09 2008, 06:57 PM

. . . .+++++. . . .
..hmmm..it's so hot in here..
..i just wish,rain would come..
xXEMOgirlXx - soEmo.co.uk

Sep 20 2008, 09:35 AM

heyu ,
lovin the pagee ,
u have a really good taste in books in my opinion!
jacqueline wilson is my fave author lol,
please add me as a friend o n here if u want ?

byeee xXEMOgirlXx
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 29 2008, 01:20 PM

The hot weather is good but as you say it's a bugger at night especially when you have to be up early like me grr!

We had pretty bad thunderstorms as well last night but didn't see the lightning set anything on fire round here xx
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 28 2008, 01:10 PM

Well if another video gets done or that one is updated we'll get you on. Liking the hot weather or not anyway? x
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 27 2008, 02:51 PM


Not a bad video that. Are you in it? I haven't watched it for ages lol.

Nice new pics btw x
xxxdarklovexxx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 05 2008, 09:08 AM

i am online
xxxdarklovexxx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 05 2008, 08:40 AM

no problem ^_^
xxxdarklovexxx - soEmo.co.uk

Jul 01 2008, 02:13 PM

nice pic ^_^
xDesole_Pour_Moix - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 11 2008, 03:02 PM

Thank you darling for the pic comment =] sorry it's taken me a while to respond.

You're very pretty yourself, hope you're well.

Kisses xxx.
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 01 2008, 08:58 AM

Random but why the username "E-K-J"? x
Fatalx - soEmo.co.uk

May 30 2008, 02:13 PM

Haha. (:

Thanks! <3
Fatalx - soEmo.co.uk

May 29 2008, 02:33 PM

I'm just great like that. ;D
Haha. I'm great thanks. :]
XxAmyRawrrXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 28 2008, 11:07 AM

lol thanks (Y)

xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 28 2008, 10:29 AM

Mmm afraid not as they coded on a template or i'd do it just for you.

Also with your background you are not linking to an image as it has .htm on the end x
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 28 2008, 09:29 AM

Sounds great have to show me some pics or something when it's done. Decorating in my house takes forever...! x
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 28 2008, 08:36 AM

Just randomly saw your going to re-paint your room...what colour? xx
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 25 2008, 03:50 PM

Well I would not say you're thick either :P
But gosh, you do sound lucky :D

How has your weekend been love?
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 24 2008, 08:43 AM

An A*, really? Gosh you must be clever :]
Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 16 2008, 07:27 AM

Hehe, I'm glad we're agreed on that then :D

Yeah there's a DVD coming out in a few months isn't there? The Black Parade Is Dead I think it's called. Can't wait for when it's finally released :D

So long The Black Parade! WOO! :P

Ugh, RE? That sucks balls man, haha. I'm sure you did fine hun :D

Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 13 2008, 11:54 PM

Hehe me too! I've seen My Chemical Romance twice though :P

They'll probably won't have a tour for ages though, which is a shame. I really like how they're going to go back to the sound of their previous albums/punk rock. The Black Parade is a good album, don't get me wrong but I do prefer the previous two. What do you think?

Oh and as we're on the topic of My Chem, I think you'll be interested in this. Am intruiged on what your view may be :D

Oh and woo! Maybe you should get your lip-pierced some time too :P
You're a brave girl! :P

Tantra_B - soEmo.co.uk

May 12 2008, 04:46 AM

Hey sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, I get so many comments at one time some of them get lost or missed out on in the process, I don't know how Matt does it!

Gosh you commented me ages ago, I feel bad! :P
Oh have you got your tongue pierced yet?! Sounds painful, I could never get that done.

The Kill Hannah gig was AWESOME! Their gig at the Concorde in my hometown was just GREAT! :D
I really hope Kill Hannah do a headlining tour of their own :D

And yeah, I have two more gigs (hopefully three) that I'm looking forward too.
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 11 2008, 11:08 AM

Oh right to hear. It was really hot by me today. Have to see your tongue. Take a pic sometime...

Anyway as usual I been busy. This weekend was my girlfriend's 21st x
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

May 11 2008, 08:22 AM

Heya not spoke to you for a while. Hows it going? Liking the hot weather or not? x
SomeMorbidKid - soEmo.co.uk

May 10 2008, 07:00 AM

not to mention annoying :s x
SomeMorbidKid - soEmo.co.uk

May 10 2008, 06:23 AM

:) yeah, it is the black parade artwork :) i dnt no if theres a way to resize the cartoon tho :s x
SomeMorbidKid - soEmo.co.uk

May 10 2008, 06:12 AM

thankies! im working on an art portfolio for college :) i may have already said, i cnt remember XD
SomeMorbidKid - soEmo.co.uk

May 10 2008, 04:34 AM

i forget if i asked already, bt cud u take a look at my drawings on my pic, n tell me what u think?

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