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I was ripped apart, but held by glue. I was full of lies, but spoke the truth. Now I've lost my myself, oh I forgot how this felt Keep Dreaming Upside Down, by October Fall

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soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - HazedIce


Blitzza Strawberry
27 / Female / My Mind Is Lost, Grand Pulse, United States

Member since: May 07, 2020
Last online: May 09, 2020

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About Me

I'm sorry I couldn't go on anymore....I really did try....
I'm sorry I couldn't go on anymore to keep on with my own insanity enough for you to love me.
I'm sorry I couldn't go on anymore about me being okay to tell you things were okay.
I'm sorry I couldn't make you understand that I can't be loved and nobody will love me.
I'm sorry I couldn't make you believe I'm extremely ill and broken and my shipment box container broke.
I'm sorry I couldn't make you believe that I was strong enough to carry us through together.
I'm sorry I couldn't make you believe that I was truly worth something.
I'm sorry I couldn't make you believe that I'm not good enough.
I'm sorry darling and friends and comrades that I died that day.
I tried getting up again but this war is too strong for me.
I can't combat what I can't combat is myself and loving myself who I'm.
I can't combat what is self destroying me and eating me alive.
I'm sorry that I've no Yang in me at all everything that I had was gone
I'm sorry my darkness is consuming.
I really am sorry the most for existing.
I really am sorry the most though for making you put up with me as a creature
I really am sorry you don't understand how bad I'm struggling to keep myself under control
I really am sorry comrade I just can't handle myself anymore this struggling is to much
I really am sorry that I've gave up and now this war should be over soon.
I really am tired you see.
I want to sleep and dream forever.

Don't worry I'll paint Yggdrasil Tree black but what you should be worried about is me painting your love on my poisonous thorn body. However that is certain that the beast will paint the mosaics on the tainted love of miasma that I know will be deadly and dangerous and who knows will be awaken but your love will be painted on me as I paint each Yggdrasil Tree Branch black.

Several reasons to hate me and not like me. I hate Sword Art Online. I hate My Hero Academia. I hate romance anime shows or the main story of the video games. I can't explain why I like Yaoi besides Yaoi being hot. I hate pineapple on pizza and should be against the pizza law. I like my food a certain way or I rather starve. I don't like myself and hate everything about myself. FF 7 isn't my favorite FF game of all time. FF 8 and 10 and 12 and 13. FF 15 was terrible. I hate games that are anti gay because of hurting their fan base. I hate games that make alternate endings to please fans. I hate games that think oh we need a happier ending for fans. I complain or whine a lot - I've a bad temper when I don't understand my mood or emotion. I've a hard time understanding emotions or facial expressions. I'm not able to love and you loving me is a waste of time- I've a very unlikable mix personality card or a wild card. I dislike phone calls. I dislike social media. I'm a lot too deal with not everyone can handle my personality. 100 percent of the time I will be clueless or secretly blond moments. I can't make a conversation up to save my own life LMAO. Ever faked your personality so much you don't even know yourself anymore? Pokemon Black and White is the best Pokemon game to exist and so is the music. I still like collecting stuff animals in my age and cute things or mystery blind bags that are meant for kids. I eat at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. like a weirdo. I'm picky and I struggle on deciding on things. I'm a complete mess you see.

+ I did give credit to the Insta artist on Insta already. I just wanted to show I do support artist and artwork and that I've already tagged them on Insta.

+ I don't do social media and all I've is Kik which is SendMeBoyLove666 and I rather have my DM's sent there. I also have Insta which is not used as a messenger system but you can ask for my Google Hangouts there and my Insta is sleepydreamwolf and sense I don't currently like how I look now selfies are a rare thing and I would say every two or three months one will appear + only online game I play is RS but I recently quit for now as I don't have anyone to play with or this broke A$$ is to broke to get membership and the price is to high anyways LMAO but another secondary reason that's not primary is I just got not motivated to play again and lost interest which I've been doing lately on video games.

+ I'm the only one on here prob to do a gigantic autobio that I want people to read because I don't like wasting people's time anymore which is Goth Wire midnightchomper and no account is needed to view.

+ I like tea self herbal medication kind I often like Valerian root or a combo of Valerian root and passionflower tea to ultra pass out in a good relaxing sleep however you normally will find Valerian root in sleep aid teas I don't think I've seen Valerian root by itself like passionflower tea. However two cups is normally the ultra finisher K.O. but everyone is different and might need three cups. But I can say depending if I'm not losing my mind anymore than I already am I do like a refreshing springy vibe of raspberry tea I would've to pick berry flavor over citrus but both are nice and I want to try a combo of berry and citrus tea but anyways....on that final note if I'm feeling mellow and relax in the furs I do prefer me something minty perhaps with spearmint with lemongrass or peppermint....and for holiday limited edition teas....not sure but the sugar cookie one had a horrible smell and taste but willing to try others....but yeah I really do love me some tea to keep me sane....heh....and fun fact heh....did you know Valerian root is called a mild sedative by Google search but that's Google so take that for a grain off salt I guess....heh....I'm so tired....

Favourite Music

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Education / Occupation

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Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
May 09 2020, 10:59 PM
Thanks for the add :]
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
May 09 2020, 06:50 PM
Heya HazedIce welcome to soEmo.co.uk Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance. Even create a journal if you like... Find other members using the Browse feature. View 1000s of emo scene girls and guys pics in the Emo Pictures and Site Models sections. Check out the popular Emo Forums and Emo Chat. Learn all about emo scene music, fashion and lifestyle in the What is Emo section. The site is still in development so if you have any suggestions or problems please email info@soemo.co.uk or check out the help section. -Matt
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  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.
  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.


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