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empty the bags that hold you hostage take everything that you need empty the bags that hold you hostage from the rest as what's to see don't stay here because you think it won't hold yo, by Opposition dolls

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26 / Male / The "I dont give a shit" state, United Kingdom
Bisexual / In a Relationship
Member since: Dec 01, 2012
Last online: Dec 23, 2013

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About Me

Hey there you beautiful mother fucker. 
My name is Alecx and I really love Chris Cerruli.
I have a girlfriend now wat.I love you Sophia okay.
I was placed on this Earth to fuck shit up, so far succeeding in my purpose.
Currently residing on the internet, deciding I'm just too cute for human interaction.

Bands and the internet ruined my life in the most amazing way possible.
Especially, Chelsea Grin and Motionless In White.

Lots of my friends live in other states. That's why I hate where I am and can't wait to get the fuck out.
Most people make me sick. 
I don't take kindly to bigot minded fucks.


Love yah babez. c;


Favourite Music

Let's see.I like everything.But I absolutely detest, with a BURNING passion, Country and rap.

I like black metal.That shit be brutal. c;

Favourite Films / TV / Books

I like Tim Burton movies.Well some of them.

I also like..really..REALLY...gory movies.Like.About death, exorcism and stuff.

One example is; "The Omen".Its about some kid who's an antichrist and basically..he troubles everyone. o; So yeah.That movie is awesome. 

I like all "Lord Of The Rings" series. o; Like..I have all the CD's and all the book sets.I'm a freak.

Dude, I mainly read dictionaries.So I could corrent arrogant people.

I'm a troll.

Education / Occupation

9th grade. ;-; So basically...I'm horrible.I cant even believe it I made it this far. 

Who I'd Like To Meet

If we're talking about "celebrities" here; Basically, I met all my idols in person.So its no big deal.I just want to adopt them.

-If we're talking about "human beings", I want to meet a person who's like, exactly like me.

c: That would be smashing.

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