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is this the end, the end of the cold? has the day come, come to wipe us away? is there a day, where we turn to mold? where we sit, sit here & decay?... When the day leave you behinde, by Yuki Panda (assasinator)

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Jenna Adams
24 / Female / Winnemucca, United States
Not Sure / Single
Member since: Mar 27, 2013
Last online: May 04, 2014

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About Me

So,  hi! I'm Jenna and I'm not at all sure what to put here! (Ask questions and shit)

Name :Jenna
Nick Name :Cake
Birthdate :6-24-97
Birthplace :Reno, Nevada
Current Location :Winnemucca, Nevada
Eye Color :Brown
Hair Color :Brunette-red
Height :5'6 1/2
Piercings :12
Tatoos :None yet
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :Single
Overused Phrase :Way too many
Food :Chicken enchiladas
Candy :KitKat
Number :17
Color :Uranium Yellow
Animal :Cat
Drink :Baja Blast Mountain Dew
Body Part on Opposite sex :Smile
Perfume :Rue 21's Twenty-One Black
TV Show :Soul Eater
Music Album :The Sound Of Madness
Movie :Donnie Darko
Actor/Actress :Tom Hiddleston
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing :McDonalds
Chocolate or VanillaDepends
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug :Hug
Dog or Cat :Cat
Rap or Punk :Punk
Summer or Winter :Summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :Scary
Love or Money :Shit...
Bedtime :9:30
Most Missed Memory :Summer of 2013
Best phyiscal feature :My eyes
First Thought Waking Up :Ugggghhh
Ambition :To be a kick ass makeup artist
Best Friends :None
Weakness :My anxiety
Fears :Causing a car accident
Longest relationship :a year
Cheated Your Partner :Yupp
Ever been beaten up :Nope
Ever beaten someone up :Yea...
Ever Shoplifted :More than I'd like to admit
Ever Skinny Dipped :Nope
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :Nope
Been Dumped Lately :I do the breaking up.
Favorite Eye Color :Don't have one
Favorite Hair Color :Still don't have one
Short or Long :Neither?
Height :Taller than me (guys) Shorter or close to my height (girls)
Style :Doesn't matter
Looks or Personality :Personality for days
Hot or CuteNeither?
Muscular or Really Skinny :I don't care
What country do you want to Visit :Any and every
How do you want to Die :Quickly
Been to the Mall Lately :Nope
Get along with your Parents :Sure
Health Freak :I can't touch door handles, but I'm fine with just about everything else.
Do you think your Attractive :Sometimes
Believe in Yourself :I guess I do
Want to go to College :Yupp
Do you Smoke :Nope
Do you Drink :Sometimes
Shower Daily :Yes ._.
Been in Love :I don't think I have
Do you Sing :Yupp
Want to get Married :Maybe
Do you want Children :Maybe
Hate anyone :Of course
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Favourite Music

Welp. (Cliche message ahead!) I listen to everything. Well, almost everything. I lean more towards rock and such. My favorite band is Of Mice & Men, if that says anything.

Favourite Films / TV / Books

I love to watch movies. Any movies really, but my favorites are the lame ones on Syfy or Chiller. I like Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs is my favorite movie. The book was pretty good, too c: (Again, if that says anything)  The Night Circus
Looking For Alaska
Vlad Todd series 
Silence of the Lambs 
Thirteen Reasons Why
I love reading .-.

Education / Occupation

I work at Park Cinemas and I'm a Junior in high school 

Who I'd Like To Meet

Austin Carlile and Brent Smith among so many others 

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