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Madeline Lee
23 / Female / Tasmania, the love heart shaped island in, Australia
Bisexual / It's Complicated
Member since: Jan 15, 2013
Last online: Oct 18, 2014

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About Me

Hey, my name is Madeline Lee and I'm currently 16yo. I love art and music and poetry and all of that stuff. I'm not a sceneie, emo or goth or anything like that, in fact when someone tries to put me in any category I get really annoyed because I'm just me and that's the end of it.
I'm usually smiling but when I'm not I usually don't realize how sad/pissed off I look, usually it's just because I'm spaced out or hallucinating.
Hallucinating also isn't usually a bad thing with me either, its just because I have an amazing imagination I can make myself see things, it's also a coping mechanism. When it's a problem you'll know because due to suffering from Narcolepsy I'll wake up from a night terror and start screaming and crying but if I fall asleep listening to music or being cuddled I sleep perfectly. Or if it's in the day time I usually just shake and pull at my hair and the cuddles and music helps then as well.
This may sound a bit dorky/nerdy but once again, I hate being categorized. But I love science... Mostly Biology and Psychology. I'm not even kidding, if you ask how brain freezes happen I'll go on and on about blood vessels dilating because your brain thinks you're going to freeze to death (which it feels like at the time, of course. :P) Another thing, I also love retro video games. I own a Nintendo 64 that I can't play because my Mother threw out my box TV :'( (like if you crii evertim) I also own some other type of old Nintendo and a PS1 and PS2 now all I want is a fucking Xbox. But I love playing Zelda and SuperMario so much :3 They are my childhood favorites.
I'm a major Otaku. I LOVE cosplaying so much. I go to two main anime conventions held in Tasmania called AIcon and MAIcon and they're so much fun but sadly extremely expensive. I mean just the Cosplay costumes I wear to them cost over $100 min but it's so worth it.
I must explain this to everyone I meet or hang out with or whatever. If I pass out you shouldn't wake me up, just call an ambulance because if you do things will go really badly really fast, I also shake a lot due to Anxiety and low blood pressure so I need to be warm...(Totally would just shake on purpose for someone to cuddle me.) 
Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm a major cuddle addict. I love them and if I don't get a "Hello" or "Goodbye" hug I'll get really sad. But then again I'm also really shy so I won't ask for one until you ask me.
I love all animals, especially cats. Which is why I take one of my nicknames (Little Kitty) as a major complement. They call me that due to the fact that I fucking LOVE head scratches and cuddles of course and I sometimes purr and yeah...>.>.......<.<... I know I'm strange....
I'm also really good at giving advice or even just listening so if you need anything just tell me and I'll give advice and distractions and if you're lucky I might even write you a little poem about how lovely you are. =^_^= hehe.
 Okay, Madeline Lee signing out! *salutes*

Favourite Music

Bullet for my valentine
Linkin Park
Sum 41
Three days grace
Asking Alexandria
Within temptation 
Black veil brides  
Pierce the veil
Falling in reverse 
Ed Sheeran
Emilie Autumn
Marilyn Manson
Meat Loaf
Alice Cooper
A day to Remember
Bring me the Horizon 
M Chemichal Romance
Slip Knot scares me a little but I still like there music
Snow white's Poison Bite
Sleeping with Sirens
Mayday Parade (Terrible things makes me cry so much)
Imagine Dragons
The Fray
New Years Day 
Angels and Airways
Front Porch Step
Foo Fighters
Arctic Monkeys
Rise Against

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Buffy the vampire slayer
Black Butler
Strawberry Panic
Death Note
Oran High School Host Club
Angel Beats
The Day After Tomorrow
Underworld (Kate Beckensale is hot)
The Grudge
The Omen
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (So funny but a little scary)
Romeo and Juliette 
Paranormal Activity 
Monty Python
Little Britain 
George Of the Jungle
Soul Eater
Le Mis
Alice in Wonderland
Sword Art Online
Mirai Nikki
Jenifer's Body
Lord of the rings (I'm learning Elvish, aren't I just down right cool or what haha....... and a little nerdy...O.O)
Spider man
Rocky Horror
Frozen (This is the only Disney movie that makes me cry)
The Avengers
Banish by Nicola Marsh is creepy as fuck!

Education / Occupation

My math teacher threw out my black lipstick..... Oh well, I'll just gouge out his eyes in his sleep. =^_^= And my art teacher tells me to tone down my make up O.O .......OH THE FUCKING IRONY!!!!!........ 
My Sister is teaching me Elvish too. YAY!!!! <3 AND I MADELINE LEE AM LORD OF THE NERDS!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! <3 (Don't categorize me, bitch!)

Who I'd Like To Meet

Everyone is lovely <3 And even if they aren't, they still must have some good qualities so everyone. 

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