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Bored bored bored

Name: Jesse Darphrope
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Member Since: May 23, 2011
Last Login: Jan 30, 2012

About Me

Okay, so basically im me. I never really considered myself emo until i took a good hard long look in the mirror and looked around at who my friends we're and i was like "holy shit, hold up, i am", This was like, the 3rd year of high school, so since then i've pretty much matured into what i am. Reason i am who i am is mainly thanks to my bullies in school, so thanks guys... you made my life so much better... seriously... mainly because i realized how pathetic i would be if i joined into the mainstream like all the other girls in school who wear all this foundation and make up and walk around like whores. 

Im not judgmental, i love people, more because i like watching how people behave, call me creepy if you want but i love meeting new people for just that reason. I people watch alot as well because you can "Never judge a book by its cover" just because someone dresses or acts a specific way doesn't mean that they are ^^. Most of my life through school i've been known as the "emo fag" because people used to look at me and think that, that's what i am, and i have to say you'd be right on that one but not because of how i appear. 
I've been brought up around the "emo" stereotype, having a metal head dad, emo/goth brother and a mother who pretty much was into anything, it kinda runs in the family. Because i had grown up like that i never knew what the stereotypical emo was until a kid came up and asked me if i slit my wrists in school because i was emo. I got shocked and looked it up on the internet and shock horror, never knew it was classed as that. Since then i've been making a point in school of what i am and im damn proud of it. 
I have D.I.D, (Differential identity disorder), witch means i have more than one personality, i can be really nice one minute then a bitch the next. 
I love sleeping in on a sunny day, because i don't like sunsets, weird huh? but no i don't like them. The light hurts and its so slow and boring to watch, i'd rather watch the sun set. 
Im a night owl, so i'll sleep most of the day and stay up most of the night, its natural for me because when the house is dark and quiet, i like it because it means i can be alone to be myself, depressing i know, but i like it. Wanna know any more then just ask... 

Favourite Music

Marilyn Manson, Within Temptation, Bleed from within, Motionless in white, Black Veil Brides, system of a down, Avenged sevenfold, SR-71, Young guns, The blackout, Bring me the horizen, Suicide silence, MSI, MCR, B.O.T.D.F, hollywood undead, LMFAO, Miss may i, blink 182, Asking Alexandria, Killswitch Engage, Skillet, skrillex, Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizzar, Rammstien, Keneya, Reshenga, Escape the fate, Falling in reverse, bullet for my valentine, HIM, Pillar, Jeffree Star, Chris crocker, Lady gaga, Fall out boys, Bowling for soup, Mayday parade, Sleeping with Sirens, Abandon all ships, We are the ocean, InnerPartySystem, enter shikari, underoath, the sunstreak, Amyst, The Devil Wears Prada, Framing Hanley, alkaline trio, Sum 41, alesana and Dead by april. 

Thats just a short list, i also like Nightcore, deathcore, metalcore and rave. 

Favourite Films & TV

Anything horror... so anything from Saw to nightmare on elms-street. I also watch things like wildfire, true blood and vampire diary's. And i always have skuzz on in the mornings or Karrang. 

Favourite Books

Anything thats a true story. 

Education / Occupation

Still in a shitty crappy high school full of posers and jerks. 

Who I'd Like To Meet

Someone who actually understands people and isnt judgmental and likes the same sort of things i like, i want to know someone who had people watching skills like myself and is actually emotional.

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