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im waiting for blood to flow through my fingers i'll be alright when my hands get warm best deceptions, by Dashboard Confessional

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Mari Otenashi
28 / Female / Texas, United States
Bisexual / Forever Alone
Member since: Dec 02, 2012
Last online: Jun 24, 2022

Current rating: 8.0/10 (1 votes cast)

About Me

Just a normal girl... no wait scratch that.. fug that lol im just a dorky/chill girl looking for friends or mabey a bf or gf c: haha I am usually a very calm and relaxed person, but nahh my ass can get alil cray cray x'D I don't like arguments nor violence (mabey just alil violence) (; but im playful like dat lol I play a bit of piano, i LOVE to draw and i fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E videogames!! (Usually play PS4,PS3,3ds.. ect) Im pretty random at times lol cx I don't really fall in love easily.. and I wont say I love you unless I really mean it (but sometimes i usually do it anyway xD because im nice) i can flirt but only if ya want me too. Music is my life!!! <3 I'll listen to mostly anything but country lol im a very loud girl at timez (there are times when I'm like REALLY shy and just shut down because either I'm nervous or just because mabey I like u) ^~^" I like to try and make people laugh and make my friends happy/smile (tis the joy of being a badass friend haha) But anyways... like I said im just that dorky/chill/weird chick whose single n lookin c; and of coarse i can be yo badass friend too! ♥ I have a Ps3/Ps4 soooo feel free ta add me (i needs amigos to game with!! Lets kill some zombies together er something! Hahaha) PSN username: whoohooyo

Favourite Music

Like I said -^.^- I'll listen to anything BUT country lol

Favourite Films / TV / Books

FRIGGIN LOVE ZOMBIE MOVIES!♥ (basically anything with gore and it has to be scary!!) ^.^ Fav movie: mostly Tim Burton movies and a few Disney movies like Lion King!! (: Fav t.v show: hrmmm... i honestly dont watch t.v xD i usually just watch butt loads of anime on Netflix er somethin ♥ :3 I read manga ^-^ Manga I've read: Bleach, Kingdom Hearts series, Blood+, Soul Eater, Death Note, Black Butler, alil bit of Naruto... gahh.. i could go on but ehh.. im lazy >.> you know tha deal?!! Just ask otay!! Lol

Education / Occupation

Graduated 2013 (Highschool so far lol) College... mabey idk yet really (if its actually worth it.. i really just dont wanna spend the rest of my life stuck in school and NOT have any fun '-' like forreal now who doesn't wanna have FUN??!!) *Raises hand* i love fun c: Like REALLY!! What if the world ends tomorrow and your like, "I spent my entire life in school and i didn't do shit!!" God:"thats your fault" Me: *FLICKS OFF THE SKY* [insert troll face here] lol

Who I'd Like To Meet

You of coarse!!! ^/////^ Well... really anyone honestly.. I just want someone to talk to y'know? Maybe a friend er something?! I'm a friendly nigguh Lol im crazy/weird and i can be a derp so uh... yeeeeeaah your gonna have to deal with that ;D aheh

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- mahh brown eyes ^^&quot;

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- The fire in my heart burns with so much love for u

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- ...

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- ~Blush~

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- If only u knew... how much i love u

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- La,la,la ~♪

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