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Cut my life into pieces This is my last resort Suffocation No breathing Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm, bleeding Last Resort, by Papa Roach

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20 / Female / California, United States
Bisexual / It's Complicated
Member since: Jan 07, 2016
Last online: Feb 10, 2016

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About Me

Haii I iz Sierra... or Kat.. whichever you prefer...

Sooooo umm im not good with discribing myself.. the chika in the profile picture is me... im not really that pale, its makeup smiley

ermm im a Scene/Emo girl and im proud of it (Any haters should stop reading now)

If any of you haters are still reading go ahead and drop me a private message... I would love to chat *note the sarcasm in that* mail

Alright so! Any-who... im open to talk with anyone go ahead and contact me, if you want to rant about something go ahead i will root you on wink

My name is Sierra and I am 15 years old.. I live in California but I want to relocate myself because i hate it here.. my birthday is March 14.... 3.14 (I'm born on pi day.. it's awesome) I have been depressed for most if my life but it has gotten worse over the last few months.. My parents are separated and I hate it, due to the divorce I have moved my home/school 7 times in 5 years and believe me it sucked. I am considered emo but I don't like labels so I don't care. Some days I dress like a Goth, others punk, once in a while girly, but my basic style is band tees, skinney jeans with rips in them, hightops, bracelets, Beanies, hoodies, and my headphones..... so obviously I don't dress like ordinary girls... my hair is dyed black and purple and will be until I get too lazy to redo it.

Sooo uhhhh, I am kinda out if things to talk about.... so if you have questions feel free to leave me a comment

Favourite Music

well uhh... any kind of music really... im mostly into screamo, heavy metal shit sooo....

Favourite Films / TV / Books

My favorite movie is Repo: The Genetic Opera... its on Netflix and is a really great movie in my opinion... I also love RuPaul's Drag Race on TV ^.^ I have read a lot of books and I cant really choose

Education / Occupation

Im in highschool and I am like working with no pay at Hot Topic and I work at a Bungee Jumping place with my dad

Who I'd Like To Meet

Any band members I haven't yet met (haha that rhymed)

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