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They say i cant last a day in the real world, i say you wouldnt survive one night in mine. Notorious and sh-t i would trade it for the world. Im infamous but da-n you cant help but love this sh-t closure, by asking alexandria

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Ali Woosley
25 / Female / Wisconsin, United States
Bisexual / Single
Member since: Oct 17, 2010
Last online: Oct 20, 2010

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About Me

The name is Ali, baby.


Alii. Pro-Life. Vegiterian. Atheist. Singlee. Deranged. Hopeless Romantic. Deeply Saddened. Lover. Easily Depressed. Murderer (:

The name is Ali

I'm your average...teenage girl [: I am STRAIGHT! Straight as an arrow too be excat. I am an insomniac. I'll be on all day, and night, so drop me a line, be literate though, or I won't reply. I have more online friends then off. I am so amused easily. I love dark, halloween, scary things. I know I am jumping around, I like too cunfuzzle people. I have the best sister everr! Her name is Cora! We aren't really sisters....but I think of ehr like one! I love my real sister too though. But thats only because I have too! I hate her girlfran though she is a fucking bitch! Yes, I do swear. I swear A LOT. Hehe. Don't ask me for pics unless I can be clothed in them! I will stab you if you ask me for pics while I dont have clothes on. I cant stand it. I have an obsession with gay guys :P they are amazing. I dont like my mom! Or my dad! ORRR My brother for that instance. Just my two sisters! Katie and Cora. I love my dogs. Sophie and Nightmare. They are mutts! German Shepard and Black Lab, the other is Chiuaua, Bostin Terrior. I also have a dwarf hampster named Rex. I hope too get a new one soon. His name will be Reaper! I love talking. I hate school. I love music. It lets me escape from everything. Hair straightners, and Picture comments are love<33. I HATE SUMMER. I love the winter (:
I am so deeply saddened it isnt even funny!
 I know, i know, im rambling. I just want too make you talk too me! Uhm,,, read below hurr for more info on me!
Love you for ever,

((Ducky Girl))
((Baby Girl))
((Vampire Girl))
((Little Lover))
((Smexy Bitchh))
((My nick names ^^..^^))

If I am nawtt pretty enough for you too talk too, leave me page now damnit.

Imma ten cent slut, according too Kyle! Don't believe him. He's a liar.

Hoplessly in love with a boyy:/

I love energy drinks.

I don't smoke.

I don't drink.

I don't do drugs.

So don't ask.

I do though, Crush up smarties&&sweet tarts...and snort them. Give me a lil sugar rush.

I also want too, try pot!

Which is going to happen, at my moms Bob Marley church :]

I used too cut...

I stopped.

I love too talk.


I don't like yuuh<33.
Jk Jk :]

I dye my hair.

I love scene hair.

I love make new friends (:

I have 4 friends.

3 of them are animals.

I hate preps.

I love weird people (:

I like someonee,,
Dunno if he feels the samee.



My best friend is a weirdo((I luffs her though :P))

I hate boys, when all they want is sex!

What's with all these people telling me im so damn pretty and what-not? Don't believe you at all.

I'm Falling in love with youu, babe<333

Hm's....Private Comments :] Don't make me do it. I won't reply.
So Ha. Ha. Ha.

Oh...And one last final thing...I don't bite...Hard.

The truth

I know I have said stuff in here that may not make sense. And most of it is real and fake at the same time. So here we go:
i cool down by listening to loud music.

i get uncomfortable if you compliment me too much.

i Keep my hopes too high & my jeans too low.

i hate when things are simple and plain.

i do my own thing, you should too.

trust scares the absolute #### out of me.

call me pretty and i'll thank you but i wont believe you.

i learn from most of my mistakes.

I don't know who reads people profiles(: I do!

Favourite Music

 <center> UHM, I absoloutly love Allstar Weekend, A Rocket To The Moon, Hot Chelle Rae, Owl City, NeverShoutNever, Forever the sickest kids, 3oh3, Panic!at the disco, Eminim, Sick Puppies, Marilyn Manson, Dope, Secondhand Serande, Breaking Benjiman, Creed, Three Days Grace, SuperChickk, All time low, 12 Stones, Slipknot, Fall out boy, Taylor Swift, Green Day, Life House, SugarCult, Good Charlotte, 45 Grave, Abandoned Pool, Norther, Drowning Pool, Trapt, Paramore<3, Eve6, Adam Lambert <center>

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Degrassi♥ To many to count. 

Education / Occupation

Who I'd Like To Meet


Rain. Nighttime. Darkthings. 

The Moon. Stars. Creatures Of The Night.

Music, Writing, Reading, Movies, Biting, Crying, Him.

Boys, Hugs, Kisses, My boy<3.

"The saying Fuck A Moose".

My best friends Matthew&&Cora:)


People who depend way to much on their signaifacant other



Two faced, bitches

This is last girly girls && myself♥



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