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Emo lyricsNow open up wide, fist first down your throat Where no beauty lies, and rip out what should've been mineEmo song lyrics
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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - Sam_Duni

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If I had one wish. My wish would be you <3

Name: Sam Duni
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Location: Amman, Jordan
Member Since: Apr 23, 2010
Last Login: May 22, 2010

About Me

Full Birth Name : SAM - Duni
Nickname : Sexy Emo .. :P
(1.77 m)
Eye color:Green
Hair color:brown black
Skin color:white
Motto:"I Have God And God Is Anything,So I Have Anything"

SAM Duni was born on February 2, 1989 IN Dubai
His parents divorced when he was 15 And
Then His friend inspired SAM to begin his music careers
And he began writing song lyrics and make his songs
Sam has stated that his biggest musical influence is Rockstar P!nk and M'r Manson

*His Favorites
*His Favorite genre is punkrock-poprock-jazz-blues
*His Favorite musicians are P!nk,Marilyn Manson,Hoobastank,Vanilla Ninja
*His Favorite musical instruments are lead and bass guitar - drum - harmonica - cello - piano
*His Favorite albums is p!nk's albums - marilyn manson's albums
*His Favorite food is pizza
*His Favorite animals is lizard and dog and wildcat
*His Favorite Colors are All
*His Favorite fashion is punkrock style and classic style gothic fashion and more
*His Favorite television programs is Pimp MY RIDE-LOVE MACHINE
*His Favorite TV channels is Nrj-MTv-Viva-VH1-Mezoo-4Fun TV
*His Favorite cartoon is pink panther - crash - cat dog - tom and jerry
*His Favorite films are Taking lives - Silent Hill - Agust Rush - Saw 1-2-3-4-5
*His Favorite Game on XBOX - Silnet Hill (Home Coming) - DEAD Space
*His Favorite entertainments are dancing-singing-party-scream-cry-when he can undo a gaudy girl
*His best friend is mahya
*He loves sk8 roll and sk8 board
*He loves play drum and piano and loves listening to cello
*He loves pray
*He loves god
*He loves snow and rain
*He loves chocolate ice cream
*Dose Likes coffee
*Does like bitter chocolate
*Does like Iphone Apple
*Does like toys
*He hates smoke and another like that
*He hates gaudy Girls and respectful Boys
*He hates school
*He hates rules
*He hates presumptuous guys
*He hates amy winehous

*Bilingual: Persian , English
*His artifices : songwriting , singing , make the music , play drum , sk8ing , painting , interior design
*Has been 4 dog ,2 duck, 1 rabbit , 1 cat and ...lol xD
*HE Was 15 years old when he started writing his fucking songtexts
*He Was like fool and has been like show himself like fools in school,

1 piercing in the left eyebrow
1 piercing on the lip (Right side)
1 piercing in the nipple
5 earrings in the left ear
7 earrings in the right ear

1 Tattoo (Kiss God) on the elbow bone

Favourite Music

Favourite Films & TV

Favourite Books

Education / Occupation

Who I'd Like To Meet

new friends :D

My Links


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shadow1501 - soEmo.co.uk

Apr 24 2013, 11:23 PM

Bleh <3
XxXSouuXxX - soEmo.co.uk

Mar 23 2011, 11:07 AM

hey^^ nice pic'
XxArtsy_Emo_KidxX - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 23 2010, 02:40 AM

hey fellow songwriter ^^
you have some wicked piercings dude xD
you have any of your music youtube? id love to hear it ^^
how are you??
rawr <3 xxx
FiFiTheVampBitcxh - soEmo.co.uk

Jun 16 2010, 09:35 AM

haya :O you songwrite too AWESOM ! ^^
hay im fiona (fifi) by the way LOL
hows you??
x6Nerk7x - soEmo.co.uk

May 17 2010, 05:59 PM

Heyy! :]
i like your about me.
Got a lot in common xD
do you have a youtube or something???
I'd like to hear some of your music.
FiFiTheVampBitcxh - soEmo.co.uk

Apr 26 2010, 11:45 AM

haya thanx for the add ^^
hows u?
ZuluTheSpaceAlien - soEmo.co.uk

Apr 23 2010, 01:49 PM

hey there ! ! ! im caitlin. i enjoy ur pictures, piercings are amazing(but i dont have any cause my stupid mom wont let me -blehhhh-)haha so is music, ive always wanted to play the drum {jealous} but oh well :] ohhh i can sing though ! ! ! so i guess i have some music talent? :D
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

User Online
Apr 23 2010, 11:09 AM

Thanks for the add :]
xXeMoRaCeRXx - soEmo.co.uk

User Online
Apr 23 2010, 11:03 AM

Heya Sam_Duni welcome to soEmo.co.uk

Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance.

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