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(Quick!) We have the ransom Tell me how that you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs (Below!) There's no more chances So tell me now that you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs The Ransom, by Escape The Fate

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King Kang
22 / Male / Canton, Georgia, United States
Straight / Single
Member since: Mar 09, 2017
Last online: Apr 04, 2024

Current rating: 8.1/10 (24 votes cast)

About Me

 Im a Multigenre one man band and genre creator called The KingZ, AND MY MUSIC IS BACK UP! CHECK IT OUT MOFOS! ->  https://TheKingZofficial.bandcamp.com 

If ya like any of it, SHARE IT AROUND! XP

 Ive got a clothing brand on hold for the future called Da Best Clothing! (Or DBC! for short) 



 Utuber (Link to my channel is in the My links section) 

 I love weed lolz 


 Im probably the most honest and offensive humor lovin daughterfucker youll ever meet XD 

 Oh yea, im hispanic PUTOOOS XD 

 Im hypersexual X3

 Here is other shit i got (Feel free to text me on these if ya want): 

 Insta: OfficialKingKang 

 Skype: kingulises0 

 Kik: OneAndOnlyUlises (my OG account since 2013 or 2014 xD Recently i think it got deleted idk? lol)

 Snap: kingulises1 

 EmoPuddle: XxKiNgKaNgxX 

 FriendProject: XxKiNgKaNgxX 

 Social Emo: XKiNgKaNgX 

Favourite Music

Any kind and type as long as it isnt mainstream shit "music" lol, but mainly rock and metal genres.

A few bands I know:

 Sum 41, GG Allin, Green Day, Blink 182, The Exploited, The Casualties, Sex Pistols, Acidez, Allison, Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria, MxPx, The Fuck Off And Dies, A Vain Attempt, Heartbreak Suicide, Blood On The Dance Floor, brokeNCYDE, 3OH!3, Scene Kidz, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights,The Used, Senses Fail, Story Of The Year, Silverstein, Alesana, Millionaires, Amy Can Flyy, Breathe Carolina, Nekoparty, Nirvana, Blur, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, It Dies Today, Finch, Dear Whoever, pg.99, penknifelovelife, I Love You Hate, Slipknot, Circle Takes The Square, Jawbreaker, i hate myself, Moss Icon, Rites Of Spring, Embrace, Claps For Caroline, Skip The Foreplay, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Design The Skyline, Eskimo Callboy, This Romantic Tragedy, Shoot The Girl First, Devour The Unborn, Syphilic, Whoretopsy, Parasitic Ejaculation, Lividity, Spermswamp, Vaginal Mustard, Cuntemonium, Gut, Ingested Lobotomized Remains, Playground Drive-By, SUPER DIARRHEA SEIZURE 3-D, Jig Ai, Kraanium, Clitorape, Clitgore, Infant Annihilator, Car Bomb, Rings Of Saturn, 55 Gore, Abominable Putridity, Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder, Cannibalistic Infancy, Godsmack, Rompeprop, Rectal Smegma, Whore Mangler, Murder Pussy, Zombie Slut, RazorRape, Vomitus Erectus, Face On Mars, Orgasmic Victim, and i know MILLIONS more lol  

Favourite Films / TV / Books

Horrors and comediez for meh (and a mix of both) mostly, and sum porn BITCH (Unless im taken XD)

Education / Occupation


Who I'd Like To Meet

As for celebs or whatever, a lot of bands n shit lolol But probably mostly i hate myself, fucking love them.

As for people on here, girliez, bros, any1 really, just don't be a fuckin mainstream, lil peep liking poser n shit XD lololol If you actually know your shit, we'll get along great lol And fuck tik tok and everything/everyone on it 

But yea fuck posers. Fuck lil peep and all those fake emo rappers (they aren't even actual emo rap), fuck trap crap wannabe rap, fuck pop, fuck all that mainstream shit, from their shitty clothes to their talk.

Aint sorry bro, its in my bio, FUCK EVERYTHING MAINSTREAM!

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- im KING KANG! Bow down to me motherfuckers!

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- ;3

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- 2 $C3N3 4 U

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- When she tells you she has an STD XD

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- Flash me! X3

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- Im not cute, ima MONSTER! xD

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- ;P

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- \m/

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- ;3

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