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so deep that it didnt even bleed and catch me off guard red handed All that I've Got, by The Used

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Ashley Mcclam
26 / Female / accokeek/maryland/eastcoast, United States
Straight / In a Relationship
Member since: Jun 17, 2010
Last online: Jun 12, 2011

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About Me

A Lost Voice Of A Distant Star.


♥Take me by my hand take me on you journey.♥

♥To the next universe.♥

♥I can hear their voices, so light faded.♥

♥One impurticular, didn't feel that a voice♥

♥was needed.♥

♥She refused to lift her voice.♥

♥Her light, was out of this world.♥

♥But didn't think telling her struggles was necassary.♥

♥They say she has been hurt.♥

♥Her voice was heard once by her love.♥

♥She was beautiful.♥

♥But some other star with a more interesting♥

♥light over shined hers.♥

♥The lovely star couldn't believe it as her light demmed.♥

♥I followed my heart.♥

♥Let it lead me to that beautiful star.♥

♥Traveled to ends of the universe.♥

♥Just to find her, and i'de know if it was her.♥

♥Her head hung low.♥

♥But im coming to change it all.♥

♥"I'll be better than him" he said.♥

♥He came she doesn't look up, he tilts her head♥

♥back up.♥

♥So suprised anyone came to see her period.♥

♥He stared into her eyes.♥

♥And kissed her lips as her light started to shine again.♥

♥He said to her "im gonna be better than he ever was to you."♥

♥I saw her love shine through her beautiful blue eyes once more again♥

♥her light.♥




 Bored thoughts


My mind isn't a wonderland

of imagination

Why? I only think of the

same things just past

heartache and anger and

depression or even death

It's gotten to the point

where a;; I can turn

to is death

Not good but since

when I needed it

the most in the times

of struggles

No one was there

Iwas alone and

no one put there

holy hands out for me

when I reached

I just saw red eyes

and sharp teeth on

my loved ones and

their laughs torture me


Cover my face

as the air is leaving me be

i can't help but think of

my life that will soon

be erased

of course it would be

sad to see your child

sleeping in a wooden

box because of a

murderer whos scared

to not kill the young and

the helpless

oh!! but who said no ones

guilty everyone will make it

for quite sometime now

because they lived freely by

their will and the permission

of the reaper and the blood

on the sythe

he came disturbed and

confused, until he thought

just killing her would

take the voice out of his head

you were the main target

ever since you kissed your lover, your wife,

daddies baby girl.



(love is another form of death)

our dying day

i will hold you

and i'll have my

hand out for you

to reach

so when our souls

are lost in time

we'll see eachother

in heaven because

we died

on our dying day

and the day we left

the world and saught

a new one

don't trift off

both me and god

wants to see you here

in heaven

the smile of light

your more than a

memory to me don't

ve sad cause you think

you left behind everyone

cause you didnt

this adventure

happend with our

eyes closed smiling

laying down hand in


your new home

you never left them

cause you in their hearts

and all of this

happend on



Why Now! :D

im falling fast

and spirlaing around

reaching high

waiting for you to

catch my hand

the dark round circle

is scary enough by

sight but worse by

thought of wondering

what awaits

i arive at the speed

of light, seeing the

stars and planets but a

imagination of breathing

in a place where i could

be suffereing

being pushed by an invisible

hand into the circle of life

meeting light

only figuring out at the last

second i was brought of my sins.


!!I am!!

im the giver of human life

the mother of love

the warmness in a hug

the sweetness in a kiss

im the light in a smile

the mercyful and forgiver

the person who holds you

when your down

im the protector of the life

i gave birth to

the words of calmness and

peace when you're angry

im the brightness in your day!

oh but who are you?

what do you think you are!


where lies continue!

i don't know exactly

wher lies continue

except the mouth

and mind

and lies are even

discissed as human


they can never die

unless you have the

duts and control

to stop yapping

your mouth

cause you'll notice

that each lie is

 shame a regret, a


you can never feel

like smiling at the

one you lied to

cause you know they

wont smile back.









Favourite Music

i dont really care...i have varieties of music i listen to so no names said



Favourite Films / TV / Books

  • anime
  •  vanhelsin
  • underworld
  • tropic thunder
  • thunder cats
  • power rangers
  • diego go!
  • animal droids

manga books "ONLY"

"NO CHAPTER BOOKS" "GONE"> is ia good one

Education / Occupation

high school, friends, BOYFRIEND

Who I'd Like To Meet


  • muse
  • adam lambert
  • kris allen
  • polysics
  • flow
  • asain jung fu generation
  • dbsk
  • shinee
  • super junior
  • uverworld
  • little by little
  • high and mighty colors


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Emo Pictures - DefectiveChild
Jan 18 2011, 10:04 AM
Haaiii :) Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I would love that, add my msn and we can chat :') racheyfail@live.co.uk :D
Emo Pictures - eleventynine
Jun 18 2010, 08:05 AM
sure we can be friends lol :P
Emo Pictures - xXeMoRaCeRXx
Jun 17 2010, 11:09 AM
Heya cotunderdasky welcome to soEmo.co.uk Please fill out your profile and add some pics when you get the chance. Find other members using the Browse feature and check out the Emo Forums as well. The site is still in development so if you have any suggestions or problems please email info@soemo.co.uk -Matt
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  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.
  • Please note: Comments soEmo.co.uk considers to be totally unrelated spam will be removed.


- My EX-boyfriend

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- **Mind/*\Of[Mysteries]**

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- love the batman

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