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Emo lyricsWon't you die tonight for love, Baby join me in death, Won't you die, Baby join me in deathEmo song lyrics
(HIM - Join Me In Death)

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tinkii_bella's Journal

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Mar 08 2012, 09:16 PM

Is it me or is it you??

First you say yu loved me and that i was your world. n i was ur princess. but the truth is i was the princess of nothing cuz in the end you broke my heart. you said i was to much of a flirt wit other guys n that i was revealing to much. but the truth is ur just so insecure of ur self that yu beleive id be out there 2timing yu. when it was yu who found another girl. i was faithful n paitence wit yu so the problem isnt me.its you.


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Total Journal Entries: 1