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Emo lyricsThis might be a danger zone (I said it) When you and me are all alone (It's scary)Emo song lyrics
(Matthew Najar - Cupid's Got A Gun)

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EmoLove1816's Journal

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Sep 13 2012, 07:30 AM

I'm sick of feeling alone I'm sick of being left out and having no friends it's hard for me I'n life I need some one that can bring me back up on my feet...some one I can count on a friend by my side or some one that loves me and will tell me every day every things gonna be all right and say u look beautiful today it dosnt matter on looks or size it the persons personality I'm a nice smart funny person I can me a smart ass some times lol I'm a great person to be around I'll make you laugh any time of the day I'm a big flirt :/ lol but its all ok I'll make you fall in love with me with my adorableness :) I want a bf on here 

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Total Journal Entries: 1