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Emo lyricsIf I had so much to say, why was I the one to walk away?Emo song lyrics
(Sevendust - Walk Away)

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Heartbrokencait's Journal

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Jan 01 2013, 06:07 PM

havent been on here ina while so if anyone wanna talk to me just txt this # 269.818.8994

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Oct 08 2012, 08:03 PM

I've had a few rough days lately my friend was saying shit bout my boyfriend and that he's cheating on me with a chick that I HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION there was no prof but I still asked him about it I mostly think he's being honest so I'm trying not to worry about it considering he's thinking about popping a question I know I'm young but me and him have been together for a while and I love him with all my heart<3<3<3<3 he's my babe and I'm his baby if you disagree fuck you. I try my best to stay strong and not be depressed....also I ran away not to long ago cause my mom said that I'm a devil child I know what your thinking wtf??? She was stupid for thinking or saying that also that I'm not human and she didn't want anything to do with me but me and her a getting along better now that she works day shift instead of nights she's a lot happier now....also I've lost all of my friends....but good thing is I made new ones:) there names is Dustin and Logan there pretty cool Dustin is fuckin rad at guitar like you wouldn't believe and Logan is sweet wen you get to know him. I miss my babe here's some of what I wrote wen I was depressed out of my mind -->

This is who I am. The scared girl inside always painting a smile on her face pretending everything's okay when it's not. Nothing's okay just me stuck in a world full of pain I cry almost everyday wishing everything will be alright i close my eyes and imagine a place were I can be safe in someone's arms....but you can't trust no one because whoever arms I'm in to keep safe always hurts me. One day just one day it won't be like this I won't have to worry. I won't be sad and they won't put me to vain but as it is everything remains the same. I stay huddled in my own darkness that won't release it's grasp as I travel down the long deep dark hall with in my wicked mind I see a faint light at the end, but then screaming happens and the demon from my dreadful soul of sin grasps me from the ankles and drags me back into my endless world of suffering just back where I started.

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Total Journal Entries: 2