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Emo lyricsI wont forget those times we spent cutting our silhouettes, waking up nights again, I'm afraid because I’m open and undone. I wont forget those things you said, a stab to the heart and head, killing w/out an end I'm afraid because.. Emo song lyrics
(Aiden - Breathless)

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epicemo14's Journal

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Nov 08 2012, 06:05 AM

I walk in this room and the memories start flooding in my mind I sit here and scream from all the pain we've had and been through wishing everything would go away. Tears that ive shed and all the heart break that's been broken i want it to all end why wont it end how did this become so real? -scream- i wanna mosh you up take you down throw you all around punch these clowns and burn this fucking town to the ground- i hold this picture thinking to my self how happy we were a family we used to stand strong stand tall but what the fuck are we now your gone. its funny how much ive lost for you i used to look up to you but your gone. another picture i look at at yeah were all smiling but what the fuck happened to us-screams-i hate everything about you your done im gone my heart is broke from all the pain i sit here and scream wishing to just say 3 little weords but it just comes out as fuck you!!- we all live as one and one for all peace is what holds us together but screams are what tears us apart.

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Nov 06 2012, 10:50 AM

lifes like a rose you start out as a seed hoping one day youll be living up so something some of us are big small beautiful and not so pretty some of us want to be chosen and some of us just dont give a fuck we all have our own thorns of pain but no matter what were all loved by people were all different and were all trying to be accepted but one thing were all alive and living for that one day so sprout up and be your self and live every second like its your last and just remember not to give a fuck but stay true to your self i love you all

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Total Journal Entries: 2