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SherisaWeston's Journal

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Nov 20 2014, 07:02 AM

Well hey there, it's been a long time since I've been on this :). Okay, where do i start. I guess i will start by saying i am living in Canada now, i came up to live with my cousin so i could go to college but the college i applied to, told me i cnt be admitted until i finish the 12th grade cuz in the Caribbean the grades end at 11th so i have to go back to high school, at first i minded but now i am kind of excited :), but my cousin keeps telling me to call this other college to ask if i could do a 12th course there instead of going bk to high school but i want to go bk cuz i want to tryout for sports and do subjects tht i never really did and are fun and such but oh well and plus the first college i applied to also made it quite clear that i cnt get into any college here unless i do the 12th grade but idk if its true or not in relation to what my cousin said so well. Okay well here's the, well, kind of depressing part i am stressed out and frustrated, i am home being like a maid cuz my cousin gone to work so i have to do work in the house and she makes me wash the dishes everyday she does not touch none unless shes cooking and then leaves mess for me to clean and hen i have to go for her daughter everyday in the afternoon and take care of her like i am a babysitter a something but sometimes i dnt mind it i guess bcuz id exactly have anything to do so it keeps my mind off of things and getting depressed and such but the other times i just cnt take it but referring to school now i have to do everything, if she helps she wont really tell me anything, she just tells me who to call or what to do but i sometimes dnt know what to ask or say. IS SHE FORGETTING I AM ONLY 17 years old for fuck sake and i never been to to Canada dnt even start with living here? MY God. As i said about high school i want to go but its going to cost a lot of money monthly for my mom and i am sad for tht cuz i am not Canadian i'm American so. I just kind of want to give up, my cousin is just ughhh i just want to cry like every time i think about it and wow i am like crying right now ughhhh FUCK MY LIFE everything is soo fucking hard especially when you have little to know help in finding out information and getting things done because everytime i think everything is working out everything just don't turn out like that :( :'(.

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Jan 01 2014, 03:46 AM

Okay so Happy New Year guyssss. Well, i want to start off fresh no drama, no bad things, no well nothing, a clean slate. Well i fixed things with my bff i think well we starting over so we're just friends now......but now my almost boyfriend acting all fucked up like ughhhh c'mon why u have to choose this time to act like a total a** huh? ughhhhh.... and my school start next week omg god help me..... i am going to have soo much work its not even funny....i feel like crying just thinking about all the work i am gonna have considering its my senior freaking yr...... and on top of that my mom is taking away my tab and she knows its like literally the last yr i am gonna have it....so i am not going to be able to tlk to my friends on kik etc ..... sooo i am gonna b depressed now .....thx mom :/

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Nov 20 2013, 06:56 PM

Well i guess its oficial i am not friends with my so called bff anymore so now shes my ex best friend or ex friend. She soo immature she cnt even tlk to me like an adult she add to go unfollow me on instagram like really? Is that suppose to hurt me a smething? Anyways goodnight guys im watching xfactor lol. Seeya

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Nov 20 2013, 11:46 AM

I hate school....i hate my friends not all.....im like literally a loner ...... why people can not be there for me like i am for them .....i hate my best friend she treats me like im a back up friend like no im not i dnt even think im her friend anymore she does not even realize how much shes hurting me but who cares, she does not, i am always there for her and she is never their for me and when i finale get fed up of it and curse her im the bad person, and she tells ppl what i do and she never says what she does like really...and some of my friends are sooooo sometime ish and dangerous like ughhh im DONE!!!!! i want to scream and cry its not even funny...thats y im sooonquiet cuz idk what to do anymore i just sit down there in my own world as usual but that makes it worst but then NO ONE CARESSSS!!!!!!

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Total Journal Entries: 4