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Emo lyricsI'm killing myself for your love and again all is lost. In 777 ways I love you 'til my death do us part. I'm for you - and I'm dying for your love. I'm for you - and my heaven is wherever you are.Emo song lyrics
(HIM - For You)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Uchigawa_ni_shinda's Journal

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Mar 28 2015, 09:53 PM

I AM numb, dead on the inside, soulless
My mother would describe me as cruel
My friends call me secretive, silent, short
I keep the few things important to me close to my heart
I remember only the feeling of emptiness, the feeling of being a failure
I've learned to keep my mouth shclosed and my opinions to myself
I hide what little emotions I have left
I read happy stories wishing I could be happy
I shout "I'm okay, I'm fine!" even though I'm not
I AM numb, dead on the inside, soulless

I see dark, grey clouds foretelling a storm to come
I hear my mind whisper: you're just a useless failure
I taste the bitter, sour taste of being a failure
I feel nothing, just a void growing larger inside
I think: Why bother? I'll never be good enough for anything
I whisper I'm trying to stay strong but I'm broken
I AM numb, dead on the inside, soulless

I want nothing but to feel at peace
I will always be just slightly broken
I won't ever be completely okay....just eh...
I can masquerade my facade, my perfect charade
I pretend nothing's wrong even though I'm crumbling
I sing praise to all who deserve such
I AM numb, dead on the inside, soulless

I dream of feeling eternal peace, a pleasant feeling
I'm afraid my demons will soon devour me
I reach fr my fleeing happiness but it always escapes
I'm soay I'm sorry when I'm depressed
I love none, no one for who can love something like me?
I declare for the world to hear: "I will prevail" even though I doubt it

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Mar 25 2015, 04:34 PM

The warmth you feel is rare
It only occurs with blood
Which seeps down skin bare
Sometimes it occurs in a tiny stream, others in a flood
It is sweet release
From the prison known as your flesh
You wish you will cease
Existing, it is not fresh
Life is a bore
You wish you were dead
Sadly, it is not about gore
From this life you fled
Anxious flesh, pulsing veins, Death calls your name
You answer with no shame

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Mar 25 2015, 04:29 PM

At first Cat helped, whispering sweet nothings in your ears
But she can only temporarily take away the pains
So you have to do it more or you may find truth to your fears
Your will, it drains
Soon, you take more desperate measures
It is the only way you have a reprieve
Your pain, their pleasures
Your soul, they deprive
Agony so true
Desperation so prominent
Blood, a release so pure
Fear so dominant
The human flesh is often to hard to live in
Which is why many tear apart our own skin

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Mar 25 2015, 04:25 PM

Deb rarely ever comes alone
She brings all her friends
They bare you to the very bone
Makes you wish it ends
You they haunt
You can't kill your demons, they come back with a vengeance
You they taunt
You lose your stance
They are relentless
Their persistence does not surprise, they always get what they desire
They are twisted and soulless
You will go down in fire
Sue whispers: I can end it, never again will you feel this Hell
You whimper, you take her offer and darkness befell

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Mar 25 2015, 04:20 PM

The emotions you feel
The voices in your mind that scream
You are fairly certain you will never heal
Your demise is what they scheme
Slowly, you become numb as your emotions fade
No one seems to notice or care
You scream for aid
They do not care about how you fare
You soon realize no one cares for you
Soon you will think thoughts of harm
Even though, your pain they knew
No one sees your alarm
The demons in your head are known as depression
They leave quite the desolate impression

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Mar 20 2015, 06:17 PM

Music is said to soothe the soul
I have many idols, all in a band
Its meaningful lyrics fill, in my life, a hole
All music I listen to is grand
You say it is demonic
Band members who scream til their throats bleed and voices are hoarse
I say it is symbolic
Language often crude and coarse
Luminous, colorful hair
Tattoos and piercings galore
Hate towards my genre of music is unfair
Trust me, its not all about gore
You hear the screaming
I hear the meaning

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Mar 20 2015, 06:13 PM

While I may have had a horrible past
Don't feel sorry for me
It has strengthened me so that I might last
I may still be shackled to my past; it's okay that I'm not free
I am not living
I have long since lost the ability to feel
Merely surviving
Your happiness, I will not steal
Few things bring me true joy
I have anxiety and panic attacks and am shy
At times, I am coy
At times, I feel as though you will lie
We can never be for you are unbroken
Whereas I am broken

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Mar 15 2015, 06:52 PM

Have you ever had someone reach into your
chest and give your heart a squeeze?

And it hurt so bad you
couldn’t hardly breathe?

And when you begged them to stop, they
laughed in your face.

Calling you a disgrace.

Finding amusement in your
agony and desolation.

Deriving pleasure and enjoyment in
your heart’s violation.

To them, you’re just a pawn.

To use, manipulate, abuse, and beat upon.

You never could leave me be!

Why can’t you set me free?

Life is cruel and to them, love is
just a sick sadistic game.

Upon me, you placed
the blame.

I was just a means to an end,
tossed away when there was nothing left to gain

Welcome to my world of never ending pain…..

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Total Journal Entries: 8