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Emo lyricsThis heart of fire is burning proud I am every dream you lost and never found This heart of fire is stronger now Build your walls but you can't keep me out I'll burn them down.Emo song lyrics
(Black Veil Brides - Heart Of Fire)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo-skatergirl1253's Journal

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Oct 29 2016, 12:47 AM

Depression Never Ends

Depression is here everyday
And it never goes away
Go away! I yell into the dark
As if someone is there
I feel as if I'm a prisoner
In the dungeon's lair
And as always no one cares
Do I dare?
Dare to care about anyone but me?
Could it be,
Someone there?
Someone there to care?
No, just an image
That's the way it will always be
No matter how hard I try
I just want to get by
I go through life day by day,
I thought pain was supposed
To go away with time
But it's not
It's still here
Here with the fear
Fear that I will get hurt more

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Oct 29 2016, 12:43 AM

Cold Dark Corner

There's a cold dark corner
in the back of my room,
it speaks to me
and says I'm coming for you.

As I lie on my bed
in the fetal position,
my eyes are closed
hoping and wishing.

Maybe that one day
my dreams will come true,
that I don't have to be here
so down and blue.

The corner keeps talking
about how I'm going to die,
all I can do
is lie there and cry.

As the corner gets closer
and takes me in,
my soul starts to burn
as so does my skin.

My bones shall lie there
turning to dust,
my bed surrounding
nothing but rust.

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Oct 29 2016, 12:42 AM

The Wicked Path Of Destiny/ The Death Of Gods Pets- Mankind

I walk the face of earth once more,
a mindless puppet, my strings are torn.
the creaky bones, the bad eyesight,
yet the chance to turn wrong to right.
wars-a-waging, old mans guilt,
the worlds now on more then just a tilt.
parents weeping, children slain,
bloody thoughts, fear will reign.
I look in the shadows, a creature did lurk,
he whispered to me, hiding a smirk.
"Thou shalt be killed if thee can't find,
the demon lurking in thou mind."
So off I ventured, to quench my thirst,
of corpses piled with hearts-a-burst.
And on that quest what did I see?

The Wicked Path Of Destiny

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Oct 29 2016, 12:35 AM

Sweet Agony

What do you see when you look in my eyes?
A freak? A nameless being?
Or maybe simply another face in the endless sea of people
What do I see when I look at myself in the mirror?
I see pain, laughter, tears, smiles, fatigue, and endless energy.
What do I do
When the world I live in
Doesn't know I am suffering?
I feel the scars
On my heart
My arms
My wrists
And I think back to a time when I was truly alone
Wondering the streets at night
The sky dark and stormy,
With the cold rain falling down on me
It was like the sky was crying
All the tears I was too afraid to shed myself
That was along time ago,
but still I can feel the sharpness of the blades upon my soul
My skin
My heart
Sometimes at night I sit up
Stare at my window
And cry, for all the pain I still sometimes feel.
I wonder if life is meant to be more then this,
This town
These people
These feelings
I am like a caged animal,
Trapped inside bars
Locked in, with no hope to escape
I scream
But no one hears me
I stand alone
On my own little path of life
That I have been on for as long as I can remember
With a broken heart
A broken soul
A broken mind
Still I struggle on
So that I can maybe see beyond this world
Of darkness and despair,
So I can see the world beyond,
Of love and life and happiness
So here I stand,
A smile on my face,
Even though I am being torn apart on the inside.
I will continue to smile,
And feel
And love
And I will survive; survive to tomorrow
So I can learn to trust again
And this sweet agony
That has been with me all my life
Will be dispersed
Become nonexistent
No more.
And I will finally

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Oct 11 2016, 09:38 PM


They say you can choose to be happy. That depression is all in your head, but those who truly believe that have never dealt with the pain of waking up everyday wondering if you will be strong enough to get through the day. They have never felt so much pain that it feels like your not even in your own body anymore. They have never been in a crowded room and felt so alone. Never felt like they were drowning on dry land. So tell me how can someone with depression just wake up and choose to be happy. Depression is a real illness and people make fun of it. They treat it like a joke. Would they make fun of someone who was blind or with down syndrome? Depression is just like any other illness. Its wanting to live your live but wondering what's the point? Its wanting to laugh but wanting to cry at the same time. Its like you cant breath no matter what. Depression isn't always scars on your body, or tears running down your face. It could be the girl who smiled and said have a nice day, or the man who paid for your coffee. It could be a little kid playing at the park, or a sweet old lady at the market. Depression doesn't pick an age group, race, or gender. Depression can happen to anyone. Depression is just as real as happiness, its not some made up excuse to be sad. Depression is having more sad days the happy. Its staring into space because it has taking over your body. Depression is a real illness

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Oct 11 2016, 09:38 PM

War on Depression

Depression is a fight
Or a flight
Depression is a theif
That should be locked up
Depression steals...
Your appetite
It steals your view on life
It steals how you view yourself
Sometimes it even steals your life

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Oct 11 2016, 02:21 PM

Depression is a World

Depression is a world
Depression leaves you lost
Depression drops you into a never ending black hole
You want to get help
But you can't
When you do
You wish you didn't
Depression leaves you numb
With fear
Depression leaves you no hope
No ambition
Nothing to look forward to
Tears well in your eyes
Depression leaks out
Out into the open

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Oct 11 2016, 02:12 PM

Demons In Darkness
She stood on the bridge
In silence and fear
For the demon of darkness
Has driven her here

They cut her heart
Right out of her chest
Making her believe
That the demons knew best

They were always there
Sometimes just out of sight
Waiting in the background
Till the time was right

These demons were destructive
Knocking down the life she knew
Hating everything about her
She hated herself to

These demons can't be seen
But they're far from fairy tales
They live inside your mind
Their evilness prevails

So on the bridge she stood
About to end the fight
The she stopped and thought
I'll Fight them on more night

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Total Journal Entries: 8