i like twilight.
i like to read andplay video games
i think pon and zi are totaly awsome.
i like roses. purple and green are my favorite colors.
i like vampires
i love animals and nature but im not a hippy about it.
i am my own classifacation.
I am a happy emo goth kid.
And don't think about touching my pie (i love pie)
i like sharp things. i am a piro maniak.( i like to play with fire)
i like to talk but i can be shy some times. i do random stuff and say randome things like purple or peanut butter. i like to dance and mess around. and i can be a great friend, just dont piss me off. 
im a good singer. i like to go shopping. i like to eat,(i dont gain any weight)
i am great with art. im very creative.
i love poetry. i like to read as long as its a good book. like ink exchange. by melissa mar. 
i love animals.
i am emo and dress like it.
i hate overly preppy people.
i literaly feel no physical pain.
im not tikalish and most people that try hate me for it.
i am a good cook.
i like art. 
if you try to fuck with me or my friends i will kick your ass.
for the most part im a nice guy.
im usualy very happy when im with my friends.
im very strong and fast and gentill when i need to be.
im a funny person and i say random things like peanut butter
Interestsi am emo/ goth. i can speak french . i like romance films and comedy films.

i am great with poetry.i love music. my faveorite song is bu alesana, its called all night dance party with you.

Recent Mood:: happy. :-)