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'I wanna see what your insides look like, i bet your not fuckin pretty on the inside.' Bury Me In Black (Demo), by My Chemical Romance

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Chase Harley
28 / Male / Florida, United States
Pansexual / In a Relationship
Member since: Jul 14, 2020
Last online: Feb 19, 2024

Current rating: 8.8/10 (8 votes cast)

About Me

hey, i’m chase =)

☆ 26 yo

☆ (gender) queer / polyamorous 

☆ use whatever pronouns idc

☆ crazy in love

☆ new yorker in florida

☆ if you're into horoscope stuff: taurus, year of the rat

☆ socianarchist

personality ✧

☆ easy going

☆ honest.... some would say to the point of bluntness

☆ smart ass

☆ stubborn

☆ i hate small talk, get to the meat of the matter

☆ don't have time for 24/7 negative attitudes, man

☆ fairly straightedge but not a dick about it

i enjoy ♡

☆ drawing

☆ reading

☆ comics

☆ video games

☆ cooking/baking

☆ history (especially ancient minoan, greek and roman, the edwardian period, and the 70's-90's)

☆ mythology/cryptids/urban legends

☆ board games/card games/table top

☆ pet nutrition/care

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Favourite Music


i think all genres have good stuff, but this mostly what i listen to

☆ Punk ☆ Folk ☆ Emo ☆ Grunge ☆ Indie ☆ Does it sound like it was recorded in some dude's bedroom?? I probably like it...


there aren't many bands where i listen to more than a handful of songs from, but here's a few!

☆ My Chemical Romance (and the guys' solo stuff)

☆ The Brobecks, IDKHow... (Basically anything DW has been in)

☆ Pat the Bunny (and his many, many bands)

☆ The Front Bottoms

☆ Relient K

☆ Blue October


☆ Johnny Goth

☆ Cigarettes After Sex.


☆ Mother Mother (The Hollow 2019)

☆ C.K. and the Rising Tide (Lost & Found 2019)

Polyphia (2023)

Please recommend me shit so I stop listening to the same five songs!

Favourite Films / TV / Books


not super into watchin stuff... hard for me to focus, but here's a few favs! i'd rather watch something trash and make fun of most of the time.

☆ Pride & Prejudiced (1995)
☆ The Last Unicorn
☆ Nightmare Before Christmas
☆ Motorcity 
☆ The Secret Garden
☆ Honey and Clover
☆ Princess Jellyfish
☆ Howl's Moving Castle


i mostly read fanfics now cause i'm broke lol.

☆ Crush by Richard Siken
☆ Pride and Prejudiced by Jane Austin
☆ Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
☆ Prague Race by Leppu
The Guide to a Healthy Relationship
The End of Main
☆ A bunch of Smachjeeves comics that are dead now

video games

☆ Spryo
☆ Okage Shadow King
☆ Kingdom Hearts
☆ Final Fantasy
☆ Fire Emblem
☆ The Sims
☆ Civilization
☆ Omori
☆ Persona
☆ Hades
☆ Neir
☆ Stardew Valley
☆ The Last of Us
☆ A whole bunch of rpg maker games


☆ Splendor
☆ Uno
☆ Settlers of Catan
☆ Munchkin
☆ Pandemic
☆ Secret Hitler
☆ Dungeons and Dragons
☆ Dungeon World

Education / Occupation

I’ve worn many hats but I’m a bookseller at a college right now!

Who I'd Like To Meet

just chill people that wanna talk! : 0

you can also ask for my discord if you want to IM.

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