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NO! Don't you try to bring this on me. My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me. Bulletproof Love, by Pierce The Veil

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Katelyn Ferguson
24 / Female / austin, tx, United States
Straight / Single & Looking
Member since: Jun 06, 2013
Last online: Sep 04, 2016

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About Me

im blond with blue eyes and im a very kind person
Name :katelyn
Nick Name :kat
Birthdate :12/4/1997
Birthplace :its in texas
Current Location :austin
Eye Color :blue
Hair Color :strwberry blonde
Height :lol u dont need to know
Weight :cant go over 99 pounds
Piercings :earrings
Tatoos :i wish
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :ill find one
Vehicle :i wat a mustang convertable or monster truck -learning how to drive-
Overused Phrase : bitch back the fuck off
Food :pizzzza
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :pluckers
Candy :to many
Number :16 duh
Color :red :)
Animal :cheetah
Drink :cherry wine but i dont drink that much
Body Part on Opposite sex :ummm idk
Perfume :idk
TV Show :to many
Music Album :asking alexandria
Movie :the hole or the heat
Actor/Actress :forgot the name
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing :mcdonalds
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :hot choloate
Kiss or Hug :both
Dog or Cat :both but more dog fan
Rap or Punk :both
Summer or Winter :winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :scary dubh
Love or Money :love
Bedtime :dont have one
Most Missed Memory :being able to see in foster care
Best phyiscal feature :idk
First Thought Waking Up :best friend and bf
Ambition :idk
Best Friends :prince, corlan2, ky
Weakness :being really in to someone then they brake my heart
Fears :being alone forever
Longest relationship :5 months
Cheated Your Partner :no
Ever been beaten up :no
Ever beaten someone up :yes
Ever Shoplifted :no
Ever Skinny Dipped :no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :yes
Been Dumped Lately :yes
Favorite Eye Color :hazel,blue
Favorite Hair Color :it dont matter
Short or Long :dont matter
Height :dont matter
Style :watever
Looks or Personality :kinda both depends
Hot or Cuteidk
Muscular or Really Skinny :dont care
What country do you want to Visit :paris, italy
How do you want to Die :in my sleep
Been to the Mall Lately :yes
Get along with your Parents :not so well but me and my mom yes, dad no
Health Freak :no
Do you think your Attractive :ppl say i am
Believe in Yourself :idk i sometimes feel liking killing myself
Want to go to College :yes
Do you Smoke :no
Do you Drink :yes but rarly
Shower Daily :yes
Been in Love :yes
Do you Sing :yes
Want to get Married :yes
Do you want Children :yes only 2
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :at least over 20
Hate anyone :yes but not saying names
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Favourite Music

Asking Alexandra Linken park Soldier boy Drake Maroon 5 Breaking benjamin Black veil brides Sleeping with sirens

Favourite Films / TV / Books

horror and fantasy

Vampire dairies Unhuman A child named "it" Forest born Jade green

Education / Occupation

High schooool!! :)

Who I'd Like To Meet

Meet new friends and find someone that I can love

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- i was playing around with my brother

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- my puuuppppppppy XD

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