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scream to be heard like you needed anymore attention throw the bottle breaak the door and disapear Lullabies, by All Time Low

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J0ey/joey 1ns4n1ty
16 / Female / nun of ur bizness..... :/, United States
Bisexual / Single
Member since: May 07, 2021
Last online: May 15, 2021

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About Me

  • call me: joey / j0ey / k1tt13z / error
  • nickname: boyfriend or mish
  • p.o.c
  • 13
  • she/it
  • probably insane XD
  • last name: 1ns4n1ty
  • furry
  • bi/poly
  • im cringe okay get over it !!
  • interested in coding but i dont know anything XD
i love kandi and art and the internet (uhhh,,,,obviously) but ive never made kandi before so yeah.. *sobs* >_< i dont post pictures of my face smh maybe in the future though. I dont like emo-softies ugh!!! no hate though. :) im a cat lover but i dont have one.... 
CURRENT INTERESTS (aside from the obvious/usual):
-eas/ebs/conelrad/ews, etc etc... weird i know!! :(
-monster high
-analog horror
-scp foundation
ALL INTERESTS (just generally):
-scene/emo stuff
-gloomy bear
i have more than this, i just cant think of all of them XD
warriors (read the 1st book)
homestuck (read the very, very beginning a long time ago)
percy jackson (ive read the 1st two books, i have the 3rd but i dont feel like reading!!)
hellpark (i like south park soo...)
OTHER: give me suggestions!!
FICTIONAL FAVES (not kins!!):
-hatsune miku
-nyan cat
-yameii(does that count??)
-death the kid
-maka albarn
-golden freddy
-jeff the killer
-smile dog
-nny (jthm)
-devi (jthm/i feel sick)

#zombie #hashtagzombie #soscene 

Favourite Music

genres: happy hardcore, nu metal, scenecore, hyperpop, dirtypop, rave, black metal, and techno/dubstep...
musicians:  = fave //g0r3c0r3 punkinloveee 100 gecs kurtains kidsnorlax siouxxie playboi carti lil darkie ghostemane mcr totalselfhatred xasthur $uicideboy$ ayesha erotica dj ryu  msi  mother mother slipknot  korn  alice gas wido p4rkr(aka osquinn) patd hatsune miku

Favourite Films / TV / Books

demon slayer (just started watching) tokyo ghoul (just started watching) hunterxhunter (again, just started watching..) carrie (1978 i think, i never finished it unfortunately) soul eater, death note, mlp-fim, monster high none

Education / Occupation

in school qwq

Who I'd Like To Meet

uhhhh anyone who is interesting or like me!! ^^

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May 08 2021, 06:22 PM - i just need a pfp lol

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